Scandal Season 7 To Be The Last

And the official announcement about Scandal being terminated is finally confirmed by “Multiple sources.” It is only left for the network to confirm the information that the series is ending with its Season 7.

According to Shonda Rhimes, it was Donald Trump winning the elections that changed everything related to the series’ future. Apparently, there has been a plan for the show ending but when Trump became a president those initially conceived ideas couldn’t be used any longer.

Scandal shares the same destiny of other political dramas currently going on air, whose ratings are dropping. The series lasted for about 5 years, however, the latest events have changed its path.

Shonda Rhimes also stated:

“Our show is basically a horror story. Really. We say the people in Washington are monsters and if anybody ever knew what was really going on under the covers they would freak out. So they can do anything, they can murder people, they kill people and they get away with everything all the time.”

She also added, “But that was based on a world in which Obama was president and our audience was happy about what was going on in Washington and they felt optimistic. You can always tell any horror story you want to when the light is on. But now the lights are off, and now I think people don’t want to watch horror stories, they want you to light a candle somewhere.”

What Rhimes had in mind is that people nowadays don’t want to watch series with an atmosphere which is described and depicted in Scandal. The reason for that is that people are having hard times in their own lives lately, so they would probably prefer an escape from such a world instead of going into its depth. Moreover, the current situation is even scarier than the one presented in the series. Who needs drama in series when we can just turn CNN on and watch it on a daily basis?