Pros and Cons of Betting on Your Mobile Device

Smartphones are being used in everyday life and it is impossible to imagine life without it. It can be used for almost everything, from online shopping, answering emails to online gaming, and betting. Everything that can be done has its own advantages and disadvantages. I order to understand how it all happens and what are pros and cons you can check out the text below.


One of the first things that are labeled as an advantage of mobile betting is the availability of the app or website at any time and any place. While betting online, using a smartphone for this purposes is making it way more convenient than using a PC, firstly it is faster to get the data you are seeking weather this is a result you want to check or a fast game that you want to play, you will be able to do it from the convenience of your sofa without getting up and turning on the PC.

When it comes to this, many betting websites come as apps as well, which are supported by both Android and iOS making it very easy to access. In addition to this many websites are mobile-friendly and can be used the same as you are on the PC. In addition to this, many smartphones can access betting websites as they are on desktop, in order to make it easier to use.


Online gaming, no matter which games are used to play, has so many that can be played that if you would play one each time you will not have time to do all of them for many years. This versatility is so important for the users that they are suggesting that this is one of the reasons why online betting is so popular. If you add this versatility of the games that can be played to the already mentioned convenience of being at your disposal at all times.

NetBet offers a very big number of games that can be played online on your PC and over your smartphone. It is essential to know that this website has licenses that are needed for you to play safely.

Screen size

No matter how big, since the smartphone screen is way smaller than the screen of the PC or laptop this may cause small inconvenience for the ones that love big screens and are used to it. In addition to this, a small screen size might affect the view and overall appearance of the website and games. Small screen sizes can also be inconvenient for the ones having problems with eyesight, especially if games that are being played are high in detail and have a very big field of gameplay.

In some websites, results may be scrolled on both axes, x, and y, and sometimes this can be hard to achieve over the smartphone, especially if the webpage is not adapted for usage over the smartphone. In addition to this, sometimes is website has pop-ups they may be hard to close due to the size of the button and some may prevent you from playing games causing inconvenience and reducing the chances if using that one again.

Is the website mobile friendly

Many websites are mobile-friendly and have accommodated websites for usage over smartphones, making the games available in the so-called mobile version and reducing the chances of any breakage or hidden parts of the game that is being played.

In addition to this, there is a way to overcome this by using the desktop version on the phone. This in most cases causes more troubles than convenience and makes it very hard for you to use this for longer periods of time, especially if zooming in and out involved. This can be a thing that will drive most of the users from the website. Others that are faithful to it, especially if they have used it on the PC will continue to use it but will in most cases transfer to the different games or reduce the usage.

Internet safety

When it comes to this, most of you will think that you will be safe if you are using an app, and this can be true if you are using the trusted network over which you are playing. It is essential to state that this can be of importance since betting must be done over the secure network since the app and the website will contain the data that can be compromising. This means that in order to bet you need to give your personal information and some type of payment must be connected; it can be a credit card or an internet wallet. By connecting this to the website or an app while using a secure network your data is safe from any type of theft.

However, if you are ought to use a public network to check the scores or play one quick game it may be led to the data being compromised and even stolen by a third party. This can be inconvenient since not only that it may be almost impossible to prove it, but it can lead to substantial losses of money due to the fact that this may be detected after a few days or weeks and not at the very moment that it happens.


As you can see there are both pros and cons of betting online using your smartphone. When it comes to this, using a smartphone to do so is very convenient and makes the games and platforms available at all times. This availability at all times and places are very appealing to the users. The versatility is another thing that has been labeled as a good thing for using smartphones in betting.

On the other hand, if you are not safe, the availability may cost you a lot, since any unsecured network may lead to data breach and theft which you would like to avoid. Some websites are not supported by mobile devices and due to the screen size, it may cause inconvenience to the users.