International Adventures, Local Internet: Proxies For Global Nomads


The reality is that you will have to plan about the internet connection when you want to travel abroad. While Wi-Fi is quite common almost everywhere today, there are still places where you can face certain limitations like slow connection, restrictions, and lack of safety.

Securing a proper internet is especially important if you are planning to work remotely from another location. That is one of the main reasons why you should consider using a proxy server like

There are many reasons why using this solution is essential. However, the first step is to make sure that you will have a decent connection at the location where you are going. Here are the main reasons why proxy should always be your choice when working abroad.



We all know that the geo-tagging can affect the internet in many ways. If you are working remotely, and you wanted to combine that with a vacation, you could face various issues. First of all, your company may be using a layer of protection where it will allow people to work only from a well-known place.

Also, the available services could change. Therefore, you may be restricted from visiting a certain website, or having to pay a bigger price for using one. You can easily deal with all these issues by using a proxy server.

The main advantage is that it allows you to change the location of your device. That will keep all the websites you already use remain the same. Keep in mind that many services are using geo-tagging to provide people with resources. For example, the content you can find on Netflix is not the same in the US and some European country.

Safety and Privacy


Many people might rather choose VPN instead of proxy since it is a great protection for your device. However, hiding your IP address will not always be a good solution. For example, there are many services that won’t allow users to hide their IPs. If you are working remotely, there is a high chance that the platform you are using for work is having a layer of security where it won’t allow that level of privacy.

Working remotely and traveling to different locations is very popular these days. Still, a lot of companies are having some rules, especially for people who have access to their valuable data. Therefore, it is advised to always change your location to home, and use a secured connection to avoid potential safety issues.

On the other hand, VPN is even more advanced in terms of protection. You can use it to completely hide your address, and that is especially a good solution if you are using Wi-Fi in another country. It is always advised to avoid open public networks, but VPN will make it safe as well.

You Can Save Money

As we already mentioned, various services may change on another location. That is related to your subscriptions as well. Therefore, keeping your home address will keep all the services in the same condition.

There are some tricks you can use with this option that can also help you save some money. For example, looking for plane tickets with your address hidden, or even when you are shopping online.

Learn More About Different Types


You can choose the type of proxy according to your needs. In case that you need to keep the home location because of work, the best solution is to use the transparent one since it won’t alarm the layers of protection in your company when you are accessing their platforms.

On the other side, if you want to hide your IP, you can choose the anonymous model. There are also some safer options, like distorting and high anonymity. Also, the simple model that will provide the same benefits is VPN.

Are There Any Downsides?

The encryption is one of the main advantages provided by VPN. On the other side, many proxy servers don’t have the same feature. Therefore, the selection of the service is very important. First of all, we have to mention that there is a great selection of free proxy servers, but the issue with most of them is that you won’t keep your safety while using them.

Also, while your history will remain private on the device and connection you are using, the problem is that the side that is providing this service may abuse your data. Besides that, your search history will remain on the website. In that matter, avoid using private details and online payments if you are not sure whether the server is legit and safe.

When it comes to safety, chances of getting spam or even malicious content can increase when using an unknown server. Therefore, choosing a paid service provided by a well-known company is always the best choice. Also, if there are no reasons to share your IP, simply use VPN instead.



The safety should always be in the focus when you are planning to use the internet abroad. Keep in mind that hackers usually target tourists who will often use public connections and free Wi-Fi. On the other side, we are aware that using the data on your phone in another country can be very expensive, but there are some other solutions that you can combine to stay safe.

For example, you can buy a SIM card with a lot of internet when you get there. The average price of a card with a lot of internet will cost only around $10. Moreover, you can combine that with a proxy server where you will set the same address you are using when working from home.

The main advantage is that all platforms and services you are using will remain the same, including the search engine, and streaming services. You will also avoid local ads and spams, and keep the same conditions as you have at home. In the end, the main reason is safety. Therefore, always choose proxy or VPN when working remotely from abroad.