Quick Ways to Download Facebook Videos


All of us know that Facebook is the biggest social media platform on the entire Internet. It might even be the biggest website overall. The last research in 2024 showed that there are more than 2.5 billion monthly active users on Facebook. Considering that the planet has less than 8 billion humans, it is ridiculous that thing that more than 20% of the entire population is active on Facebook every single day.

Just imagine how much content is being posted throughout the entire month. 2.6 billion users posting images and videos almost every few hours surely lead up to hundreds of billions of posts, maybe even trillions, who knows? The idea that Facebook’s servers could handle so much data on their servers is just ridiculous. Who knows whether they will be able to keep up in the next few years? We don’t know even if this social media platform will even exist in the next couple of years.

Because of this uncertainty of the future we must save the content that is precious to us. All of those videos and images could be gone in an instant and you will definitely regret the fact that you did not save them beforehand. This is why I recommend to everyone owns a Facebook account to back up all of the data that they have uploaded on the website.

Downloading images is quite easy on any browser. All you have to do is just press right-click on the image and then save it to your computer. However, downloading videos is a bit more complicated. Most browsers such as Chrome or Firefox do not have the ability to save videos from this website. This means that you will need to use some third-party site or software to save those videos.

Here are some of the quickest ways you can download Facebook videos.



As we already mentioned the best and probably the only way to download those videos is through some external website or application. So, the first contender on our list is downvids.net. There is no particular ranking or reason why we picked Downvids to be the first one because any of these will probably do the job pretty well.

Using this website is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is select from which platform you’re going to be downloading, in this situation that is going to be Facebook, and then you can paste the URL. To acquire this URL, you have to go to the clip, press right-click on it, and then select copy URL. Once you have that copied, you can paste it on Downvids. You’re almost done, now you just have to pick the file type that you need, whether it is AVI, MOV, or MP4, etc. and then select the quality. You can pick either HD 720P or Full HD 1080P. I would suggest always going for the higher resolution because the difference in file size is minimal.



FrogJet is another great option if you need to download your favorite video in high quality. The steps that you will need to go through to acquire the clip that you need is very similar to what we explained previously. But, to make sure that everything goes right when you’re doing this, we are going to explain everything again step-by-step.

The first thing you need to do is hop on FB, find the balls that you’re looking for, and then right-click on the clip. A small menu will open up right next to the place we clicked in here you will need to select copy video URL. To ensure that this is the URL that you need, paste it into the address bar of your browser and then press enter. If the clip that you need is loaded in your good to go. Now place that same URL on FrogJet and then just press the black button that says “download” on it.

Once you have pressed the button, and your screen will show up asking you whether you need just the MP3 file, which is just the audio, or whether you need HD resolution. They even have the option to edit the clip on the side, backspace. Keep in mind this option will only redirect you to a different website. If this seems like a good way to save files on your computer, go to frogjet.com

Video Downloader (Android App)


Assuming that you do not need another desktop variant for saving clips then we should probably share a couple of solutions for those on Android or iOS. This app is just for Android, so don’t try and search for it on the App Store.

The first thing you need to do is take your phone and get on the play store. Here, you will need to search for an application that is called Video Downloader. Once you have installed this app on your phone, start and a browser will open up. While it might seem like your regular old browser, but it is actually a bit different and you will see why shortly. Open up Facebook through this new browser and logging on your Facebook account, find the clip that you want to save and then press play. After a couple of seconds, you will notice at the bottom there is a button that will allow you to download it. That’s about it.

DManager (iPhone App)


For those that are now iOS tablet or phone, this is the application that you will want to use. It works a little bit different than the android one, but it is still quite simple. Go find that video that you want to download, press share, and then press copy link. Once you have downloaded DManager, paste the link that you copied and then click the button below that link. From here, you can choose the resolution and the format type that you need.

By using any of these websites or applications that were mentioned in this article, you will easily download the video that you need to your device.