Remy Ma Net Worth 2018


Born Reminisce Mackie on May 30th, 1980 in Bronx, New York, Remy Ma’s childhood was marred by her family’s illegal substance abuse and endless struggle. She played a role of a mother for her two younger sisters, Rameesha Blount and Kristin Devereaux, making sure that the girls got everything they needed.

Remy Ma found solace in poetry. She freely used her dreary life as an inspiration and turned it into poems, which soon earned her a reputation in the Bronx and attracted the attention of MC Big Pun, who became her mentor, after just one interview with her. The young artist appeared on his album Yeeeah Baby, featuring in two songs, “Ms. Martin” and “You Was Wrong.” Death of Pun from the consequences of his obesity in 2000 put her career on hold until she was signed by Fat Joe and his label SRC. Remy became a member of Terror Squad and released her solo album. There’s Something About Remy: Based on a True Story.

In 2008, Remy was sentenced to eight years for assault and illegal weapon possession, after she shot Makeeda Barnes-Joseph following the altercation in one of the Manhattan’s nightclubs. Barnes-Joseph was accused of stealing one thousand dollars, but no money was found in her purse after the shooting. The fact that Rem went through her purse while Makeeda was bleeding on the sidewalk was noted by the judge on her trial and have played a role in determining her sentence. She was facing the possibility of spending the next 15 to 20 years behind bars, but after some charges were dropped, the young artist got eight.

While waiting for the judge to pass sentence, she married rapper Papoose or Shamele Mackie in the courtroom. Papoose was barred from visiting her in prison for six months, due to the fact that he tried to smuggle a key on one of his previous visits. She was released from prison in 2014, and Barnes-Joseph has filed a lawsuit, demanding $90 million in damages.

Remy Ma is involved in several high-profile feuds, namely with Foxy Brown and Nicky Minaj. Both Brown and Minaj have dissed Remy in their songs and she didn’t pull her punches when answering them. With Minaj at least there was an attempt at reconciliation, but the relationship between two rappers remains chill.

Remi has one biological child, son Jayson born in 2000 and three stepchildren with Papoose.

Remy Ma Net Worth 2018

Remy Ma net worth for 2018 is estimated at $0.6 million. She is one of the four female rappers to reach number one spot at the charts, but her legal troubles have kept her from earning more. This woman spent six years in prison, but since then Ma has taken steps to increase her net worth by working on several projects, including Love & Hip Hop: New York TV show. Remy and Papoose released a joint album called Plata O Plomo (Money or bullets), the famous Pablo Escobar’s quote, in 2016. She is currently working on her second solo album, titled 7 Winters and 6 Summers.