Review for Figgers Smart Wireless Glucose Meter

Figgers Smart Wireless Glucose Meters I a visual daily diabetics measurement system that comes with effective data management which displays more than just your test results.

This device has been clinically approved to bring you the most accurate glucose measurement levels. Tested by many standards, the Figgers smart wireless glucose meter is more than just a measuring device.

It comes with a lot of extra features in which we will discuss in this article.

•    Secure and Shareable Cloud Data

The device is an excellent data management unit that can store more than just your test results. The device comes with a sharable cloud data which can be set up only with your permission. If you do choose to set up the cloud, you can share your results with the most important people in your life. There is no limit to how far or to whom you can share it, whether that’s your family members, or your doctor currently abroad.

The cloud itself can be accessed through your Smartphone or laptop, and the results can be exported as Excel, PDF, or CSV files.

•    Smart Personal Assistant

The device is also your own smart personal assistant, accessed easily through your Smartphone. The dashboard can preview all the various factors that are responsible for your readings. A digital logbook displays these factors, which can be anything from what you’re eating to exercising and gives you the option to take notes for further readings.

Apart from the digital logbook section, the summary, and trends section helps you better understand your current situation, and it gives you more tools to understand your diabetes situation.  The software itself lets you set push notifications, which will remind you not to miss glucose readings, any medication that you need to take, or not to miss your daily insulin shot.

•    Compact Device

The Figgers Smart Wireless Glucose Meter is a pocket-size device that can fit anywhere from your backpack, bag, purse, and even back pocket. To ease in this, this gadget comes with a unique traveling bag that will satisfy your testing necessities. The overall design of the device is well thought and perfect for any emergency situations where you need to test your glucose levels while in public.

•    Very Affordable

The device itself costs no more than $50 ($49.99 to be precise) and comes with more 50 test strips, enough to last you for 50 days. The people over at Figgers Health have said countless times that they intend to keep their products at the lowest price possible in order to make it affordable for everyone. We are talking about people’s lives here after all.

•    Entire Package

The Figgers glucose measuring device comes with a lot of extra accessories such as:

–    The Figgers Smart Wireless Glucose Meter

–    Figgers Health Lancing Device

–    10 Lancets

–    A Clear Cap for Alternative Site Testing

–    A USB Charging Cable for the Device

–    Figgers Health Owner’s Manual

–    Figgers Health Quick Start Guide

–    Travel Case to Store Everything In

Customers are extremely satisfied with using the Figgers Smart Wireless Glucose Meter mostly because of its compact size, fast results, easy to use, accuracy, and the already fully equipped strips and lancets.