The Benefits of Using Video Technology

Have you ever wondered how big the internet is? You are not the only one wondering, and nobody can actually measure the size of the internet, but few statistics shows how big it is and how the internet is going to change the work we do nowadays manually to computerized form.

Within this bustle and hustle, every brand or business wants to reach target audiences and prospects, the fact is while some are posting content that engages millions of users, some are just achieving very few engaged users to even check out their content. The secret behind attracting a broader audience and more prospects is to incorporate a video strategy in your communication and content.

If you have special needs and high requirements and no resources for creating your own videos you can get help from professional explainer and storytelling video production experts like the agency simpleshow.

If your budget is limited, you can also create videos in just a few minutes with DIY tools like the explainer video maker tool mysimpleshow where you can get unlimited professional videos done for as low as $129 per month. There is even a free limited version available for this tool that we tested for a start, however for more professional business use the business and pro plans are recommended. Video has an impressive potential to enhance your business and marketing communication if you use it wisely. As follows a few reasons why as a business/brand, you should consider to use video  for your online content and communication:

  1. A large percentage of your audience prefer watching videos and to observe all popular social media and online business brands available today. Most of them have found one way or another to integrate video content. A simple and short explainer video makes anything more understandable than 2,000 words of text.
  2. Video helps SEO rankings. As you know, SEO helps to put your content on the first page when a specific keyword is searched for on search engines. This helps your content to reach a broader audience with less effort. Video furthermore helps to rank higher on popular video sharing websites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  3. It helps to enhance and engage your social media channels. Most of the popular social networks are designed to rank pages with video content over pages with other types of content so when you share more videos on your social media pages, your page tends to rank higher and may be featured in listings and recommendations.
  4. Concepts are best explained with animated visuals. Reading a description of a concept /event/activity, one will have to picture such a concept in one’s mind to understand fully. This process of downloading information into the brain is slower and less effective. A direct explanation of concepts/events/activities with videos is very effective, and that is why explainer videos are so popular nowadays.
  5. Video ads rock. A lot of ads you see out there are in video format, even customers and prospects judge what you are offering by the quality or content of your video ad. So using other formats in your digital marketing efforts will put you behind against your competitors.

Backed up by practical reasons, costs and many other pros, video technology is something you’ll need for your business to keep up the pace and stay ahead of your competitors. Create your own simpleshow video at It’s easy, fast & fun!