5 Reasons Why a Robot Dog Is a Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Kids


The times we live in, people! It’s hard to believe sometimes just how much we have evolved as a species. Not only that we humans are dominating this planet, but we can now mimic real-life beings with robots. Yes, you heard it right! I mean, this is not a novelty; robots have been around for a while; it’s just that they evolve as we speak. No, there’s no reason to be afraid; we’re not talking about terminators. Even if they were real, Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to take care of them so forget about them. What we have in mind are Robo pets. Have you heard of them yet? If not, you’ve come to the right place to educate yourself. In this article, we’re going to discuss the five reasons why a robot dog is a perfect Christmas gift for your kid. While this must sound unorthodox, hear us out before you make up your mind. After reading this text from top to bottom, you’ll have a change of heart. Let’s get straight to it!

Something Unseen So Far


Every Christmas is different, but with time, no matter how much you try, the presents are going only to repeat themselves. You can be as imaginative as you want, but kids these days get tired of their toys really fast. Not even gaming consoles or superhero dolls can do the trick anymore. With a robot dog, you can swipe your kids off their feet. It can be a gift not only for one child but for the entire family. Just imagine how cool you would look in the eyes of your kids after giving them a Robo pet. It would be like a gift from another planet. Not too many parents will try and do this, so you should be a trendsetter in your vicinity. If you don’t have an idea where to go and how to start preparing for this Christmas, be free to see more on the subject by clicking the previous link.


Fewer Responsibilities

While your kids are going to be thrilled once they receive this present, the real benefits, in addition to their happiness, are going to be seen much later. Unlike regular pets, robot dogs do not have a constant need for food and water. You don’t even have to get them bowls. From the day you get yourself one, you won’t be having it barking at your feet while you try having a quiet dinner. Amazing, right? No food, no water, basically no needs or requirements on the field of consumption. Another thing missing? There’s no need to walk them out, for a walk or to take a pee. No collecting of the poop either. Your kids are going to love a pet that won’t ever get them scolded. Furthermore, they don’t get dirty or smelly, nor do they ever need a bath. Besides, they can’t get tired if you have energetic kids.

They’re Good Boys


Who is a good boy? The robot dog is a good boy – an always good boy! Real pets have their charm; this can’t be denied. But, they also can put their owner through a lot of stress and put them in difficult situations. Your standard dog, if not appropriately trained from its puppy days, can cause a lot of damage in the house, starting from the furniture to carpets and curtains. While damage to furniture can be fixed, a dog can also bite its owner or loved ones, and this can be quite a nuisance. This can happen even when playing, as it is as they say – you can never be entirely safe next to an animal. They have primal instincts, after all. Even if none of this happens, you still can’t make them silent. They love to bark and cause all sorts of noise, disregarding anything you say to them. On the other side, you have robot dogs that obey all commands and never take any action on their own. They’re pets you can only wish for. Wait, no! You can have them now, and you wholeheartedly should! Imagine this – no training whatsoever required.

A Cost-effective Gift


Many people won’t even consider this gift for their children, believing it’s too expensive. Of course, a robotic pet comes at a price. But, regular pets aren’t cheap either. Depending on their breed, age, size, heritage, and various other elements, they can be rather pricey. Add the cost of food, grooming, veterinary, medicine if a need arises, and it will all combine to a quite sum. In the long run, they can come out expensive. With Robo dogs, the situation is different. Yes, they cost a lot up front, but later their expenses drop. All you need are new batteries, and even they can be recharged. So all that it takes is a little electric power, and you’re all set to go.



While people believe live pets can’t be surpassed, with time, this will be proven to be untrue. According to various studies, backed with evidence, robotic pets are as good as the real deal in terms of battling conditions in children such as loneliness and depression. Their presence in the lives of children can even be enhanced as they can be fully controlled by their owners and set to play with children at times when they most need it.

But this is not all. While the whole set of health benefits still needs to be determined, they also excel over regular pets in other areas. If you plan to take your family on vacation during holidays, a robodog can stay at home on its own, without the need to have someone taking care of it. Once you get back, you can continue with your daily routines. Specific models of robot dogs can even be set to communicate with their owners and are sustainable for training.

Don’t lie to us; you want one now, right?