The Rock Shares His Workout Video


It was established long ago that a healthy diet and regular psychical activity are important factors for keeping one’s health on point. However, some like to take it a step further than that and have a muscular body, which they have to work out hard for.

Therefore, working out is included in their everyday activities and considered a chore. One of these people is Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Not only does he look at it as a duty, but he calls it therapy, as well. He recently posted a video on Instagram, where he captioned it as ‘iron therapy.’

The purpose of this video is to advertise his upcoming collaboration with Under Armour, but it certainly promotes much more than that. We are shown one of his grueling training sessions. See it for yourself how The Rock goes through six killer upper body moves, along with offering a sneak peek of the merch.

He begins his session with rope triceps press-downs, which focuses on our arms and triceps. In order to build bulging muscles, they deliver a huge pump to your arms.

After that, he moves on to strengthening his core by plank shoulder taps. There are 12 more plank variations which you could do to challenge your arms muscles at the same time.

Next up is isolating his back muscles using dumbbell shrugs. They primarily target trapezius muscle of the back, although they are named shoulder shrugs.

The Rock follows it up by lateral raises, which zone in on the lateral deltoids. In case you want to make your shoulders broader, they are the right move for you.

If you want to have your pecs filled out, you can do it like The Rock, with Hammer Strength iso-lateral incline presses, which work on the shoulders and back at the same time.


Lastly, he finishes his routine by doing bench presses with a Swiss bar, which is good for lockout strength and enables a lifter with shoulder problems to press flat, incline or overhead with no discomfort.