Safe Use of Weed

Since the legalization of cannabis in Canada and its states the most  popular questions that comes to one’s mind are, what is weed? Are there any safe methods to use weed ? Can it treat medical problems? Is it addictive? To get an answer to these questions one needs to be fully informed about the types, strains, affects of weed or Marijuana on human health or how to consume it effectively and safely. Let’s take a look on the following terms to be aware of the safe use of weed.

What is weed?

The term weed is commonly used, while weed is also called as cannabis, marijuana, herb, pot, hashish etc. It is obtained from the leaves and flowers of the plant called as Cannabis Sativa, it is a greenish-grey dried powder of leaves which can be used medicinally or for recreational purpose. weed has been used traditionally over centuries for medicinal, spiritual and religious purposes. It has many chemical compounds which includes cannabidiol (CBD), cannabidivarin (CBDV), cannabigerol (CBG), and tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), in which THC and (CBD) cannabidiol are of Muchmore importance as they have psychoactive properties. THC is mainly responsible for high potency of weed and varies from strain to strain. some strains of marijuana are as follows:

Indica Strain:

This strain is commonly used for medicinal purposes as it is shown to be effective in treating diseases like insomnia, multiple sclerosis and many mental disorders, it is known to have good pain- relieving properties but can also cause strong sedation.

Sativa Strain:

This strain is favorite among users who often use weed in day-time as it is less sedative than Indica strain, and can cause less sedation. They are also called as cerebral- enhancers of the mind so is also popular among artist and is used recreationally widely.


This strain is a hybrid of Indica and sativa and is the most preferable among the two as it has Indica’s sedative properties and sativa’s energizing properties, it is grown widely as has become popular among consumers lately.

Dominant Strains:

The THC- dominant strains as the name indicates have higher concentration of (Tetrahydrocannibol) which is more potent as compared to other strains, it is widely used for therapeutic or medicinal purposes and recreationally too as it can also get users high or can be highly sedative with a feeling of relaxation or euphoria.

CBD-Dominant Strains:

This strain has a high amount of CBD and very low concentrations of THC and are cultivated on a large scale due to its medical demand as it provides as a raw material for most of the ointments, edibles and skin-oils used to treat diseases. They have low sedation as are less psychoactive and do not get its users high. This strain played a vital role in the legalization of marijuana.

Methods of Consumption:

  • Smoking: It is one of the most traditional and commonly used methods as the flowers and leaves of the plant is dried and rolled into a paper and the side is lit, over the years this form is evolved as pipes, bongs etc. This is hands down the cheapest and convenient method to use marijuana.
  • Vapes: The smoke of cigarettes on long term usage can cause damage to the lungs and can lead to cancer if used on long term, concentrates or oils are used in vapes and is the modern form of smoking as it also cuts down the by products of smoking which is tar and nicotine.
  • Edibles: In this different strain are used and decarboxylation of cannabinoids particularly THC is done with the process of heating with fats, chocolates or other edibles which makes it more potent and is often used recreationally.
  • Tinctures and oils: Tinctures and oils are used topically and is the safest way to use it as only a small about is applied topically and the drug doesn’t enter the general circulation, tinctures are prepared by an extraction process by using organic solvents for the ease of using it topically.

HOW TO USE IT SAFELY: Some of the points to ponder on when trying to use weed safely are as follows:

ROUTE OF ADMINISTRATION: Weed is most unsafe when taken orally as it has longer side effects and can also lead to dependence and consumers who used weed orally experienced more nausea and vomiting and prolonged withdrawal symptoms .The most safest way is when sprayed into the mouth as inhalation and smoking also have side effects similar to the edible way but vaping can also be an alternative method to smoking.


Sedative medications which includes CNS Depressants, Barbiturates and Theophylline cause sedation or drowsiness and if used with weed can cause a synergistic effect on the body which can lead to harmful impact on the human body.

Taking marijuana with warfarin which is an anticoagulant can also increase the bleeding time which can also be fatal if left un monitored.

DOSE – REDUCED: The dose should be reduced as high dose can lead to dependency and addiction so preferably small amounts should be taken which should have a high potency so that less side effects should be experienced too.

EXTRA – CAUTION: An individual needs to be extra cautious when consuming weed  because it is a psychoactive drug and can cross the BBB(BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER) it has certain impacts on the brain , so one should not smoke weed before driving as it can contain THC and THC acts on the cerebellum of the brain which controls the balance and co-ordination of the Human body, so driving  after intake of weed can lead to accidents , one needs to be a responsible citizen in this matter .

USE IN CHILDREN : The use of weed is strictly prohibited and is illegal in children, despite its legalization in the country so  it can easily be bought on an online dispensary like budstars but only by an 18+ or an ADULT, as studies shows that children who were subjected to weed smoke in their early years had a lack of cognition, learning and memory problems, impaired coordination, it should also be avoided by nursing mothers and should be kept away from children.


Marijuana has also been used to treat many medical problems and less than 10%of the users are reported to get addicted to it, with these things in mind it’s safe use can continue to benefit those in need.