Types of Players You Will Meet In a League of Legends Matchup 


League of Legends is a massive online battle arena or M.O.B.A. game that has gained immense popularity among online gamers over the years.

It has a great competition segment, too. The League of Legends World Championship has one of the highest viewerships in terms of any sport. With 44 million concurrent viewers and 100 million total viewers worldwide, it was one of the largest events in 2019.

But ask anyone: the most fascinating part of this game is its regular playing segments. With almost 100 million monthly players, it is one of the largest online games in terms of player participation, and these players are constantly battling it out amongst themselves.

It’s a great opportunity for socializing, as modern urban areas don’t offer enough utilities to establish social contracts. Every League of Legends match is a history within itself, and their most exciting elements are the very players who are playing it out.

If you have played the game enough, you know that League of Legends players are all interesting characters. Of course, they have their own personality traits, but in the game, playing specific characters, under a specific set of game rules, you can start to characterize them. In this article, we are going to explore a few types of League of Legends players and their interesting in-game characteristics.

The ninja


No, we are not talking about the blade swinging champion Zed or wall-vaulting Talon here. This group of players is the silent killer type, and they are one of the most efficient types. You can count most smurfs in this category.

These players do their job perfectly. They will ping you when their lane is missing or coming towards you. They will gank your lane properly. They will roam and catch the enemy off-guard. If they are jungling, they are the players you can most rely on to carry your game.

Most importantly, they will do it silently most of the time. You will not get any extra pings from` him and no griefing in the chat. In fact, they will try to avoid talking in the chat at all. However, if they get their job done, why should it matter? Aussyelo offers you the chance to play with such players by offering you already built accounts at a low price.

The ping king

You can call them the silent type too. But call them chat silent. Because these players are definitely not silent in-game. These are the ping kings (or queens).

You will face constant ping harassment from them. If you are jungling, then you will face their wrath if you don’t gank them when they are level two and you just got your second buff. These players love the player missing a ping. They probably do not even know what it means, as they will use it anywhere and everywhere. Every time you even lose a trade he will ping you. These are some of the most annoying types of League of Legends players out there.


The talker

This is the opposite of the first two types. This guy is constantly griefing in the chatbox. He will point out each and every mistake you make. He will also leave a small pinch of salt at the end of the message to hurt your wound by calling you the noobiest player in the town.

This guy is such an aggressive talker that he’d lose his lane to just give you a comeback. You will see them suddenly immobilized under the tower, typing a rage over how adc lost the last trade or how he could’ve gotten his lane if the jungler had ganked at the right time.

The all-knowing

This guy knows everything about you. His harassment will begin at the champion choosing stage. Took a summoner spell that typically does not go with your champion? He will point it out.

In the game, this guy will write paragraphs about your low-level roaming. He’ll tell you everything about how you should play your champion and what combos you should use, and when you make the slightest mistake, he will blame the hell out of you for it.

For such an annoying personality, they make surprisingly good players. Usually, having a lot of knowledge pays off in this game, and you will see that he is doing his lane properly. If you can ignore his messages in the chat until you break into the enemy bases, you should have a comfortable game in front of you.

The all-knowing loser

This guy is everything like the last type of player we described. Except for the fact he doesn’t even play well.

He will point out your mistakes every time you gank his lane. Literally, blaming the help. He’ll blame his mistakes on his teammates and point out their faults. He’ll even blame losing his lane on the jungler or the mid lane. This is the most toxic type of player in the League of Legends arena. If you have one on your team, tough luck!


The cynic

You haven’t seen a proper griefer unless you met this type of player. Sometimes, these types of players have given up even before the game has begun. Take a champion on an unconventional lane and see him type GG before the clock runs out in the picking screen.

These types of players will give up five minutes into the game for sure. If the enemy jungler camps your jungle or the top lane loses an early trade, he will take it as a sign and will start to surrender spamming. You can see him going to all team chat after ten minutes to express his anger and saying ‘report team.’

The child

If you haven’t heard the term “child” in League of Legends, you haven’t played the game properly. It’s used to describe players tilting hard and claiming to know everything. In general, they are the players with the heart minus the brain. They will tell you that only their way is right and go solo in a 1v5 situation, expecting his team to back him up. The child will definitely throw your game, especially in late games when they are considerably more powerful.


While playing League of Legends, you will of course meet more versatile players with more interesting traits. This is just a small list of the most basic types we can think of. To be honest, you just need to play your game and do your best to win the game, regardless of who’s on your team.