Sense8 Season 2 Release Date, Trailer & News

Sense8 premiered in 2015, and its fans have been eager to see the second season ever since the first one finished. Although there have been many stumbling blocks, Sense8 Season 2 will be released next month after the pause of almost two years.

However, fans weren’t completely left clueless as they had some other opportunities to take pleasure in new tales from the eight complete strangers whose minds are united. We bring you all news we have on the second season of the show, as well as a trailer for the Christmas special, released on December 23, which was rather in advance of the remainder of the sequel.

Season 2 started with a Christmas Special on December 23, and it lasted for two hours, so there are about 10 more hours to go. The rest of the season will be available on Netflix on May 5, 2017.

Furthermore, there have been some changes in the sequel. Apart from the fact that Lilly Wachowski left as producer, Capheus will have a different face because Aml Ameen left the production and Toby Onwumere has taken his role of “Van Damme,” the Kenyan bus driver.

There hasn’t been given any reason for Ameen’s departure, but there were some reports that some conflicts existed between him and executive producer Lana Wachowski, which only went to worse once the filming started in India. Nonetheless, this is only speculation and nothing has been officially confirmed.

Onwumere took the role when filming moved from India to Italy. Namely, he earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in acting from UCSD. The story of Sense8 talks about the experiences and dangers which eight strangers meet. They are somehow suddenly linked mentally and emotionally, all living far away from one another. Capheus lives in Nairobi, where he takes care of his ill mother, and he is one of the eight sensates who see each other’s faces in the mirror.