Should you Buy or Build Your Email List

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An email list is a list of email that you have collected from your website. This simple mailing list is used to send email to people who have subscribed to your newsletter. Hence, you can use the email list to send out new business announcements, new blog posts, and, of course, to advertise your products and services to boost your revenue. In this article, you will be able to read why it is better to build and not buy an email list and why are email lists important. Let’s take a look:

Should you buy an Email List?

It might seem tempting to do so, however, buying an email list is not good. It is likely that people will mark the email you send as spam if they realize that they did not sign up for the list. Also, you will not be able to know if they are actually interested in your services or products. It is not only legal, but it is also ethical of you to only send emails to people who actually want to receive them from you. In the end, you rarely get what you paid for.

What are the Benefits of Building an Email List?

So, a lot of company owners and bloggers are just starting to realize how important building an email list is. The most important thing about these lists is the numbers. Let’s take a look at the reasons why building an email list is important:

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1. You will easily distribute messages to customers

– According to recent studies, there are over 3.6 billion people who use emails, and due to the simple nature of social media platforms, it is likely that your consumers will miss your new post. But, when you send something, your message will be directly delivered to someone’s inbox. This simple fact shows that these lists are important and effective at getting your words to the customers.

2. They are targeted

Since you will already know what your customers like and what they are interested in, you will be able to deliver highly relevant content to them in order to get better results and higher revenue. Hence, it is more likely that your customers will return to your website and make more purchases.

3. You will own that email list

You do not own Google, Twitter, Facebook, or any other popular social media platform or search engine. When these platforms change the policies, your entire social media advertising and SEO efforts can go to waste. However, you own your own email list and it is not influenced by the decisions of other companies. If you want to see more information about building your email list, click here.

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4. Email is face-to-face

You consumers will only read the email in the privacy of the inbox. The message is not distributed publicly, on newsfeeds, and timelines. Your customers can actually respond to them, which helps you build trust with your customers.

5. More people use their email a few times a day

Each Internet user has at least one email address and account. And this is exactly why you need to build your email. Email marketing is a long-term investment that will boost your revenue and cause people to always return to your website.


It does not matter what kind of company you have and run, what website you have, or what industry you are in. If you have any of these things, you will want your customers to return and with the help of an email list, you can achieve just that.