7 Strategies Casinos Are Using To Attract New Players In Ontario


Gambling is one popular type of entertainment. However, it does sometimes meet with a lot of skepticism. There are still many kinds and countries where gambling is legal. Online gaming is the most frequent and well-liked kind of gambling in today’s culture. Canada has traditionally dominated the online gambling industry. Several Canadian provinces, including Ontario, have a thriving online gambling industry. More than 10 million people in the country regularly gamble online.

As a result, several online gambling sites put out a tremendous effort to alter their setting to appeal to younger customers. The gambling sector knows that remaining static will not lead to profit or advancement.

It is challenging to be profitable in the sector as more and more online casinos are popping up daily. However, there are some methods that online casinos use now to attract new customers to their websites. In this article, you will get to some of the strategies and if you’re looking for entertainment with 400 casino games and excellent security, check out JackpotCity Ontario at casimoose.ca.

Below are some techniques that casinos use to attract new players.

Free Bonuses


Freebies are pretty popular, and casinos are well aware of this. They periodically present reward programs and deals that you cannot refuse and make efforts to attract future clients. These casinos also frequently give players a welcome bonus when they register. So, this free money motivates the player to start playing.

But only some casinos provide the same number of welcome bonuses. For different platforms, there are additional terms, rules, and conditions. For example, some of them might offer you a free bonus, while others compensate you for your first deposit. Perks provide a better approach to encourage gamers to discover and try out more games. It also serves as a lure for new players.

Payout Percentage


The sum of money a slot machine player can win after wagering money is known as the payout percentage. When it comes to online casinos, this percentage differs from one to another. For example, one can offer a payout commission of 94%, while others provide 98%. To understand this better, suppose a casino offers a 95 percent payout, so if a player wagers $100 will receive $95. So, it is understandable that the player will opt for a platform with a higher payout commission.

Every casino platform is aware of this too! Casinos strive to increase their payout percentages to attract a large number of players, and the majority of them consistently publicize this information. All this is done to draw in new clients and keep their current ones returning to bet with them.

Adding New Games


One advantage of using an online casino is having access to a massive selection of games in one place. The most excellent websites offer a vast selection of games from the most reliable producers to ensure that gamers never lack entertainment. Long-term player retention requires a consistent stream of new content.

A casino tries to attract more customers by introducing new games and materials. Introducing new games increases user interest. They add new games and regularly assess their quality depending on consumer input. They announce them on the website’s home page to attract attention, informing gamers of the new games.

Audio And Visual Effects

Most users of online casinos seek out enticing and engaging gaming experiences. Due to their awareness of this tendency, every casino pays close attention to their websites’ audio and visual components, which makes them enticing. To increase user engagement, they use a variety of pop music and themes. Also, they are of high quality; you can see the quality in their sound effects and animations. The goal of this tactic is to increase user traffic for online casinos.

Utilize customer feedback

It goes without saying that a customer will trust the other customer. Also, whenever a consumer tries something new, they always charge the other consumers. That is why the casino facilitates reviews. They keep an eye on customer feedback across all media, constantly reacting promptly.

Digital marketing is something that these platforms use for their benefit. They encourage visitors to share their positive reviews and experiences. They use reviews and testimonials in their marketing materials as well. This allows them to diversify their marketing strategy from using only static images.

They Create a Demographic Profile

By constructing demographic profiles with characteristics like gender, income, and age, gaming operators enjoy getting a sense of their target market. They can use this to determine the driving forces behind a player’s involvement in online play. For example, many young players engage in these games purely for enjoyment, and some play to earn money, get some extra cash, and supplement their income. Also, some players want to play to test their skills or are curious.

Various Payment Options


More recent websites can ensure that gamers find them appealing by providing various payment options. Not all players will favor the same choice. While some people feel safe sharing their credit card or bank information, others prefer the extra protection of e-wallets. These systems offer a variety of banking possibilities.

Prepaid cards, for instance, are an excellent option as they allow players to control their spending. Leading websites now accept cryptocurrency, demonstrating how these online gaming platforms are following up with technological advancements. Now, players can manage their accounts and make significant money bets. This allows them to receive the highest levels of security while maintaining their anonymity.



The gambling sector is constantly developing and gaining popularity daily. It is more crucial than ever for websites to have tried-and-true strategies for luring and keeping players because new casinos are constantly popping up. The casino sector holds a sizable portion of the financial market because they use excellent marketing strategies. These strategies, such as free bonuses, deals, payout, etc., help them to grow their company in all spheres. Also, this is the reason that casinos in Ontario are becoming popular.