Table Decoration Ideas to Make Your Wedding Reception Unique

When it comes to a wedding, for most people, this is one of the most stressful days in their life. Of course, it is also the most romantic day, and one of those days they will always remember and cherish, which is why preoccupying yourself with every single little detail about wedding organization is not something you should do. Yes, make sure to check and go through all the necessary things, like the guest list, the venue, the theme, or the table decoration. That is why in order to help you, we will focus on the latter one.

Adding a custom-made menu

Everything about this day should be special, and the same is with table decorations, but people often tend to get carried away when doing so, which can, in the end, lead to kitsch, and that’s not something anyone wants. The beauty lies in the simplicity, and just think about your significant other, how easy to talk to them is, how relaxed you feel, etc., and the same rules can be applied to table decoration. That is why going with a simple custom-made menu can be the best choice. As for the design, it’s all about personal preferences, but even here, you need to follow certain rules. Namely, make sure that the color of the menu goes perfectly with the color of the tablecloth and the theme of the wedding, and in addition and if you want to add something extra, consider a wax seal, as it can be a beautiful romantic touch.

Flowers can only add that sparkly effect

We all have at least one flower we are fond of, and since weddings are some of the most romantic events in our lives, there simply must be room for flowers. Of course, the bride has the lead role in decision-making, but adding some standard bouquets to the tables can only make everything more romantic. On the other hand, when deciding on this, make sure to check whether some of the guests are allergic, just to avoid any unpleasant situations that might happen otherwise. Another thing to keep in mind is not to go too big, as you want the guests to chat and be friendly, which will never happen if they cannot see across the table because of too many flowers.

Dry flowers for people who do not love the fresh ones

No matter how romantic the flowers are, some people simply do not love them, but luckily there is a solution for them too. Instead of fresh flowers, they can use dried ones, which sometimes could look better than fresh ones, and change the look of the entire venue. Many people think that it is perfect only for autumn weddings, but it is not true, and since dried flowers can be found in various colors, they can be a great decoration for every reception, no matter in which season they are held. And the great thing is that even people prone to allergies can enjoy this decoration without consequences.

Candlesticks are a must

Okay, this is something some people might not agree with, but candlesticks and flowers on the table can only lift up the entire ambiance. Just imagine the first dance song, the light goes down, and the candlesticks are the only ones that light the room, and of course, there are fog machines to make everything even more special and romantic. One of the main arguments why some people are against candlesticks at big events is because of the fire hazard they represent, but even this should not be that big of an issue because there are flameless wedding reception candles that will do the trick. All in all, candlesticks are at least something to consider.

Add the touch of the sea

Some lucky people live near the seaside, and there is no doubt that the proximity of the sea only adds romance to the wedding. If you are one of them, there is no bet way to decorate tables at the wedding reception than using some sea motives. The colors such as blue, turquoise, navy blue, green, and many pastel ones that remind us of sandy beaches can be the best choice as they are easy to combine. In addition, we can add some shells to improve the entire atmosphere and provide our guests with a perfect sea wedding. It can be a perfect wedding theme even for people who adore the sea but do not live near the seaside, as they can bring the sea close to them even just for their special day.

Helium balloons always look cute

There are many ways to decorate the table for the special day, and adding some balloons can make the entire place much nicer. It can also be the perfect way to make the table numbers visible to the guests and avoid number holders that sometimes can take up a lot of space. The balloons can also be perfect for the main table where the bride and the groom sit, as you can easily print your names on them or choose among already printed texts. They can be found in every color one can imagine, so there is no need to worry whether you will find the perfect shade to match the other colors at the reception.

The bottom line

As you can see, there are many ways to decorate tables for your wedding and make them look unique and like something that no one has seen. It is important to be creative and remember that it is your special day, and no one else should interfere, as you can do whatever you want when it comes to decorating the venue and tables. However, finding the best decoration can be pretty challenging, as there are too many options online, but not all of them are of high quality. Luckily, if you are in a hurry to find the best items to make your special day even more special, just view website and choose the best ones.