8 Budget-Friendly Decor Ideas to Make Your Wedding Look Elegant


Considering your budget is necessary while planning wedding decorations. You can spend as much money on décor, but you must control your expenses. Without planning, you may go beyond your budget and be financially drained afterward.

Investing in budget-friendly ideas for decorating the wedding venue or your home elegantly is better. Even if you spend less, you can also get an appreciation for your ideas and efforts. This write-up will discuss various budget-friendly décor ideas to help make your wedding look elegant.

In this way, you can also manage your expenses and create good memories for the couple. Indeed, most people marry once in their life, and it needs to be memorable. The decoration is what everyone remembers who attends the event. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to it.

1. Decorate the Entrance


The entrance of your wedding venue needs to be decorated properly and elegantly. Every guest will enter the venue through the door or a specific place. It is the initial place that you must decorate nicely.

If this place looks good, everyone will appreciate your décor idea and expect to see better when they go inside. There is no need to focus deeply on the premises because you can decorate it with light and elegant props. But the primary focus should be on the entrance as it can steal everyone’s heart.

2. Use Paper-made Props


You can create many decorative items from the colored and glittered paper if you have enough time before the wedding date. You can make lamps, flowers, patterns, etc., that matches well with the theme.

You must pick the origami sheets that highlight your décor and look perfect on the wedding day. It is better to choose colorful and patterned papers to make props to get the guests’ attention. You can easily show your creative side by preparing props and decorating them nicely.

3. Install Beautiful Lights

If you have an organized wedding at night, you must choose beautiful lights to illuminate the space beautifully. You can also either buy affordable light props from sziqiqi.com or create them with simple light strings.

In an open area, you must cover the trees, shrubs, or plants with colored light strings and glow the wedding venue. It is easy to create lamps with string lights by hanging them in bottles. It gives a classy look to your space and illuminates it enough for all the wedding rituals.

4. Use Drapes


Using bright-colored and shiny drapes is another affordable décor idea for your wedding. You can decorate any open space by using drapes. You can illuminate the drapes with lights and make them look more attractive.

You can also prepare a sitting area that is completely covered with drapes. It looks classic and elegant if you do it correctly. Even if you plan for a wedding in your home, you can use drapes for decorating the staircase and other separate sections of the area.

5. Create Picture-perfect Spots

Everyone loves to capture photos at a wedding. You must create some special spots where everyone can snap pictures and lock their memories. Even a new wedding couple can also plan a photoshoot at that spot.

One can set and decorate the spot using simple handmade creative props. It should be picture-perfect and easily grab the attention of guests. With regular props, you can create the space and make it look unique other than the entire space.

6. Place a Swing


You can add a twist while decorating the wedding area by placing a swing. You can decorate it with flowers or drapes and use it for the couple. The swing can also be used to capture pictures and make memories.

A couple can sit there so that everyone visits the unique place to meet and congratulate them. A swing can give an authentic look to your place. Instead of buying, you can take this prop on rent and use it for a day at your wedding. Renting will help you to stay within budget.

7. Use Candle Lamps

You can prefer candles if you cannot afford expensive lights and lamps in your wedding space. You can create reusable lamps where you use candles to light them up. But you need to refill them many times to prevent darkness.

Candles are quite affordable, and you can easily light them up by assigning someone a duty. If you avoid refilling candle lamps, you can go for electric candles that are operated with batteries. You can easily find such lamps at an affordable price and use them at other events. You need to replace the battery, and you are ready to go.

8. Frame Couple Photos


A wedding is a special and memorable event for a new couple. Another affordable and beautiful décor idea is to frame the couple’s photos and place them everywhere in the venue. All the guests will pay attention to those pictures and appreciate the bond and love between them.

The frames can cover a massive space inside and at the entrance. The pictures should be large enough to get the guests’ attention easily. After the wedding, all the photos will be handed over to the couple so they can decorate their home. Those memories cannot be faded if they remain with you.

The Bottom Line

You can consider all the mentioned ideas if you want to decorate your wedding venue or home with budget-friendly props and items. It is easy and affordable for everyone to decorate the memorable place of their life. Without spending much, you can get the attention of your guests and allow them to appreciate the beauty of the place.

These handmade and cost-effective ideas will not look elegant on your wedding day, but images captured on that day will always steal your heart. It is hard to believe these ideas will make the space elegant and memorable. You can look for many decorative ideas made with inexpensive materials so you do not spend enough on them.