Best Ways to Keep Passion Alive When Your Career Takes You Away

When your partner works far away, it can add extra pressure to your relationship. Everyone has moments when they find things to be challenging. Please continue reading for our top tips on how to ensure keeping the passion alive in your relationship when your career takes up a lot of your energy.

Be Intimate

If you see your partner irregularly, it is imperative to be intimate whenever you possibly can. That does not necessarily mean having sex here, there and everywhere; instead spend time reigniting the spark, holding hands, looking at each other, and talking. Having sex is also a crucial part of almost every relationship, so do ensure you set time aside for that as well. Sometimes, nature needs a helping hand, so if you are wondering about Viagra, check out this article by Manual.Co, which should tell you everything you need to know. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of if medical intervention is necessary; it is essential that both parties are aware of this and that no one is to be blamed.

Flirt and Fantasise 

Although you may be separated by distance, this does not mean that you should not communicate your desires to be intimate with one another. Sending saucy text messages is one way of flirting from a distance. Add an explicit photo of yourself along with the message, and you may be well on your way to some masturbation from afar, which can help to keep a spark in your relationship. 

Sharing your fantasies is an excellent way of ensuring that things do not become stale. It can be a real turn-on talking over the phone and divulging your deepest desires. Video calls are another fantastic invention and can be very helpful. If you both enjoy watching pornography, why not send the link to a video you have found to be a turn on and hope that your partner will feel the same way.

Organize Dates

Visiting restaurants, going bowling, or watching a film at the cinema can help to reignite the passion. Reminders of how it was when you first started seeing each other can be valuable. Put your mobile phones to one side (except for taking soppy selfies) and focus solely on one another rather than checking emails or social media. Live in the moment, and you are bound to experience a much better time together. And although passion is not all about the sex, so much more, whispering into your partner’s ear at some point during the date about what you would like to do to them when you return home or to the hotel room can make things steamy.  

The importance of communication


Lack of dialogue is the leading cause of getting distant in a relationship. But don’t be alarmed! Everything has a solution. Following these tips, your connection will improve.

Talk about what is vital for a good relationship, not only about your life at work, with friends or housework, but about your sex life too. Sometimes, passion can be lost by not having more than one necessary conversation. That will bring you closer, and it will increase your desire.


Having new experiences is vital: activities that take your relationship out of the routine, new ideas that provoke initiative, and fun situations where you dedicate time to yourself. A trip, for example! Also, go for a walk, have long conversations, travel, and even jacuzzi at some romantic hotel can revive the passion. A getaway never hurts!


We are talking about small details that will help you to bring back the spark you have gradually lost. Couples who do different things together show greater satisfaction and are more happy thanks to the moments of surprise or moments that renew the magic of their love. Why not try? Undoubtedly that new connection also fuels the flame of passion.

Stay away from technologies

It is essential to know when to turn off the phone, computer, iPad, and other electronic devices to spend time with your partner. Avoid doing things that are not necessary and enjoy the company of your loved one. The less time you spend together, the further from your partner you get. If you eliminate little things that occupy your time, the desire will return, and the passion will keep you going. It is much more fun to put your smartphone aside and replace it with your partner!

Leave the differences aside

Do not think that differences are a problem; the different opinions are enriching, but you have to know how to accept them. Neither dependence nor distance is suitable for your marriage; you have to find the middle ground. Give your partner enough time to miss you, so you will have more desire to be together, and the long-awaited passion will increase.



Giving shows that your partner is a priority. Remember, if you give nothing, you get nothing. If you get nothing, you will probably feel unimportant and distressed. Think about what you can do to make your partner feel fulfilled, worthy, and understand that it is your priority. Go one step further than your partner expects, and he will be one of your most loyal fans.

Trust and intimacy

These two things constitute fundamental pillars of a relationship. Trust is the basis of the relationship, but privacy is what will make you relive the desire to be together every day. Take care of them!

Control the routine

Do not let routine eat away passion between two of you. Marriage ends up generating a specific routine, but some moments have to come spontaneously. 

Fall in love every day

Relationships must be taken care of and refreshed to keep the passion alive as the first day. Assuming that your partner knows all the things you like about him is a mistake. Tell him that you love him, how special he is, and the attraction you feel towards him. Compliments never hurt! And, please, don’t stop taking care of yourself. Do not stop falling in love!