The Curse of Oak Island – Season 5 Premiere Watched by a Record Number of Viewers


It has been almost four years since The Curse of Oak Island saw the light of day, but the viewers still haven’t lost their interest in the Lagina brothers’ adventures. In fact, it has been estimated that the Season 5 premiere broke all the records for season premiere episode with 2.95 million viewers who watched the two-hour special last week. Of course, this is just the number of people who saw it live, which means that the figures are significantly higher if we take into account those viewers who watched it on demand.

The first episodes of the previous four seasons were also well-received from the very beginning, but none was followed by such a high number of fans as Season 5 premiere. To be more precise, Season 1 Episode 1 reached 2.53 million people. Season 2 aired later in 2014 when 2.6 million viewers were on the edge of their seats to see what would happen next with Rick and Marty. The number of fans who watched Season 3 premiere was somewhat lower – 2.26 million – but then it rose again when Season 4 was released to 2.62 million. Nonetheless, it was the fourth season finale that broke the records with 3.79 million viewers who watched it. Well, at least up till now, right?


In case you haven’t followed it, you should know that the two brothers and their team found several seemingly significant objects, including “a rose-headed nail uncovered from the spoils of the GAL-1 shaft the team dug last season.” As it was speculated earlier, this episode is also important because it pays emotional tribute to Craig Tester’s son Drake.

As for Season 5 Episode 2, what we know so far is that the team will focus on investigating a treasure chest from the 1700s, which proves that the pirates did spend some time on the island back then. For more details, don’t miss the chance to watch the new episode, as well as the ones that follow – The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History channel.