The Curse Of Oak Island Treasure And Items That Were Found

The Oak Island is an incredible place which has been wrapped in a mystery that people are trying to solve for more than 200 years. According to old stories, the immense treasure has been hidden on the island, and for many years we could see people trying to uncover it.

Latest attempts of retrieving of valuable items were done by Lagina brothers, Rick and Marty and during ten years they managed to gather some impressive things and real treasure pieces. History Channel decided to contact brothers and offered them a deal for a reality TV show, which just recently finished its fourth season.

During their time on TV, and even before they made a deal, the team managed to salvage some interesting pieces. Here we have a huge number of images of everything that these guys found at various parts of the island.

From man-made wooden pieces that are buried in Money Pit at 50-60-100 feet to parts of the ships and galleons. Gold coins and other valuable items clearly suggest that people were coming here, but the question is why.

There are many theories about what has been hidden here, and The Curse Of Oak Island is trying to find all those precious items.

Here we have the images of a vast number of interesting pieces that were scattered all over the place.