The Rock Makes A Comment On Bray Wyatt Becoming The WWE Champion


After some years of neglect and the company not knowing what to do with him and his amazing character, Bray Wyatt finally captured the ultimate prize in all of the wrestling on Sunday night when he won his first WWE Championship inside the Elimination Chamber. He did it in a great fashion, by pinning two of the biggest stars in the organization today, John Cena and AJ Styles.

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It’s safe to say that he is enjoying his time on Smackdown Live as he has been booked pretty well in a storyline with Randy Orton. He won the tag team championship, but that is not what Wyatt is all about. His character is intriguing, and his delivery is one of the best ever. With so much potential on him, a lot of people though that he should have become the champion a long time ago, but he finally did it on Sunday and the wrestling world loves it.


The Rock is one of the guys that knows a thing or two about becoming a champion in the World Wrestling Entertainment and being one of the best as both in the ring and as a promo has gone out on Twitter to congratulate Bry Wyatt on a much-deserving championship.

They met at Wrestlemania 32 in a segment that didn’t go so well for the Eater Of Worlds. Now, a year later, he is holding the biggest prize in wrestling, and The Rock loves the move by the company.

“Hell yes. Big fan of his talent and couldn’t happen to a better dude. Welcome to the club, enjoy the ride and have fun! Congrats brother.”