The Uber city mapping cars to make a presence in London

It’s only common sense that for driverless cars to work very well and for them to understand where they are at any given time they need to be have some preinstalled data in them. For the cars to be able to transport people across the globe they need to understand where they are.

For taxi hailing service Uber, the company recently announced its plans to bring the public testing of its self-driving cars in the US already. Now the company has also announced that they are bringing the mapping cars to the United Kingdom to pave the way for the self-driving car to be debuted in the country.

The company has been involved in various disputes with taxi services and regulation authorities in the country since it started doing its works there, but the news is surely good news. The firm itself said the mapping cars would help it to improve the service given by the firm.

One Uber spokesperson told reporters that the company to release at least a dozen cars across London to help with the mission, and then afterwards they would directed to the other cities in the UK.

In a blog post, the company wrote that, the pictures and images which would be received by the mapping cars would help the service in making improvements which would impact the core service. Cases for drop off points and ideal pick ups for customers would be better. The best routes for drivers and customers alike would also be given by the mapping cars.

Currently the firm has been using the Google Maps interface in the countries that they have been operating in, and in China they have been using the Baidu services. Maps are clearly an important part of technology and just last year the company released mapping cars in the countries that they are operating in.

Vice President at Uber, Brian McClendon said that with the new autonomous vehicles being brought up, mapping was going to be highly essential for it to be a success. He said that the company was looking into mapping because some of the features and functions they want would not be available through the Google service. Therefore based on their attempts they will clearly make some improvements.