Tips On How To Get Rid Of Bedbugs

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Living in harmony with nature is not always easy. Especially if we’re talking about pests. The most common problem we face when dealing with pests is the invasion of insects. This often happens during periods when insects or bugs lay their eggs. So in the periods of their reproduction. Then parasites often look for an adequate place to lay their eggs, which gives us a headache.

The most common parasites that can be caught in the house are fleas, ticks, and bedbugs.

Removing bedbugs

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Bedbugs can be great trouble.

These 5 millimeters bugs are small, but yet very smart. They are also reproducing very fast. Bedbugs are intelligent enough to avoid detection. They can practically live hidden for months, and an average female produces more than 500 eggs during her lifetime. It is not surprising that these tiny creatures can make things quite chaotic. If somehow they get to your bed, they’ll make a hell of your life. When biting, these bloodsuckers leave red, itchy and sometimes painful marks on your body. Fortunately, you can save yourself from these pests. Try to be careful and patient, since getting rid of these bugs require some time and a lot of effort. You can try a chemical or non-chemical approach. Which one will you choose depends on how large the infestation you’re facing is. Some factors make bedbugs difficult to remove. Maybe you’re often away from home? Maybe you accidentally “catch” them in from outside? These are all things that can affect the abundance of these parasites.

So, how to get rid of bedbugs?

Be patient, thorough and consistent. Maybe you won’t be able to do it by yourself, so make sure you have contact with a professional exterminator. In getting rid of bedbugs, you must follow certain steps.

1. Identify the areas that are infested

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The main point is to find bedbugs before they start reproducing. That way it would be much easier and more affordable to treat them. On the other hand, detecting smaller infestations is much harder. According to, bedbugs are capable to narrow their bodies into tiny dots. That way they are camouflaging themselves and can hardly be seen. You can search for them by yourself, or you can choose a professional to do it for you. Some exterminators even use trained dogs to scent bedbugs and hunt them down.

2. Contain bugs so you could stop the infestation

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Once you detect bedbugs, you need to keep them contained, and get rid of them afterward. The fastest and easiest way to trap them is with a vacuum cleaner. Run the vacuum over every infested area. Affix the vacuumed content into a plastic bag and safely remove it from your house. After that, clean out your vacuum very thoroughly.

3. Prepare your home for the treatment

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Before you start with a treatment, you must do some prep work to maximize the effect. Make sure all your drapes, carpets, linens, and other possible hiding places are free from bedbugs. Also, try to get rid of possible bedbugs hiding places like magazines, books, etc. And do not forget one thing. You mustn’t move items from an infested area to a clean one.

4. Killing the bugs

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You can do this in two different ways. Using chemical or non-chemical treatments.

Non-chemical treatments are good for smaller infestations. You can easily wash the bugs away. That means that these bugs are sensitive to heat. By simply washing your wardrobe, linen, or curtains in a washing machine at 115 ° F (46 ° C), you can get rid of these pests.

Chemical treatments involve the use of insecticides. You should be very careful about that. Some of these insecticides can cause allergies or be bad for human health. Therefore, the help of professional exterminators is always advised in chemical treatments.