6 Tips On How To Get Your Beard Looking Its Best

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A beard can be a symbol, a trend, a magnet for the opposite sex or whatever sense you intend in…it has looking its best. And here some advice on how to reach it.

1. Grow your beard

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First, you need to be patient. A beard is not measured in centimeters, it’s measured in months. It can be quite itching for the first month so use a moisturizer like alcohol-free oil. Don’t use shampoos and conditioners — it’s best to replace them with soap.

When the beard is up to 2 months, start cutting it with small scissors.

In 3 months, correct the shape and contours. Start using a special shampoo and dry the hair after a shower. You may take a hairdryer but control the air temperature — it shouldn’t be too high.

It’s genetics which mostly determines your full beard growth potential. But it doesn’t mean you can haven’t a beard of your dream because of Mother Nature — a transplant step into the breach.

How much is a transplant? — According to Bookimed, an international platform for the hospital searching, the transplant cost ranges between $1,500 and $7,000 in various countries across the globe.

2. Do beard cuts

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It’s better to do your first haircut by a professional, who will recommend the shape will be right for you. A beard can do lots: visually correct the shape of the face and the beveled chin, hide scars, and emphasize your merits. You can’t choose a catalog beard — the choice depends on each person.

Keep a beard shape by regular cutting with a trimmer by yourself or go to the barbershop for the correction.

3. Take your beard comb with you

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Beard hair easily clots and becomes untidy. Just brush to make it neat throughout the day. Comb your hair daily so that your hair “remembers” the correct direction of growth.

Pick the comb made of wood, vegetable cellulose, or boar bristle so that the fits snugly to your face, use modeling wax.

Rub the oil into your whisker and skin and distribute it with your comb. The oil makes your whisker soft, gives a healthy shine and a pleasant odor.

4. Make cosmetic procedures

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Regular peeling and facial cleansing eliminate dead skin making your skin look fresh, and beard — tidy without ingrown hairs. Afterward, apply the cream daily to make your skin moisturized.

Treat it with masks. They strengthen hair follicles and boost their growth. Masks that have cinnamon, lemon juice, and castor oils, warming tinctures based on red pepper and sprays are proven to be effective. Prepare the mask yourself, or buy ready-made in barbershops or pharmacies

5. Control your nutrition

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A, B, C, E vitamins support your general health and boost hair growth. B17 vitamin, or biotin, affects hair growth the most. Eat more nuts (walnuts, peanuts, almonds), chicken eggs, and oatmeal — they are rich with biotin.
B9 vitamin or folic acid affects the quality of the hair (the sperm and its amount as well). Folic acid can be found in lettuce, spinach, all kinds of nuts.
Calcium increases bone hardness and hair thickness. Add more dairy products like cheese, cottage cheese, milk to your daily menu.
Iron strengthens hair and activates their growth. The liver, buckwheat, and nuts contain iron.
Drink plenty of water to keep your hair soft and grow faster.

If you want to have any dietary supplements or vitamins, consult with your doctor first.

6. Lead a healthy lifestyle

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Go in for sports. Physical activities contribute to testosterone level growth. Exercises normalize blood circulation and metabolic rate. This means that all nutrients, vitamins, and supplements, quickly reach their destination and accelerate the process of hair growth.
Decrease your stress level. Cortisol, and other hormones being produced when you’re nervous causing hair to fall out.
Sleep enough. Healthy and full sleep is the key to maintaining all body functions, renew our cells, and increase hair growth speed.

Still, remember that a beard is just a visual way to emphasize your personality and style.

And creating your image, pay attention to your sense of harmony first. Appearance should reflect your internal state, not form it. A beard is not a mask, it will not make you stronger or wiser. As only men’s actions speak.