Tokyo Ghoul Season 3: The rumours about its release date

It has been long since the last season of Tokyo Ghoul aired. Season 2 finished back in 2015, and it is high time for Season 3 to come along.

Although many of us had high hopes for the third series installment coming much sooner, no such luck! The release date of Season 3 will be postponed for quite some time.

The statements of Viz Media’s director, Kevin Hamric, have most likely been wrongly interpreted, as upon giving his interview for ICv2 he also let out some information regarding the company’s projects. At one point he brought up the topic about Tokyo Ghoul Season 3, but he did not mention the release date nor anything related to that.

He only took the occasion to talk about the return of One Punch Man and the next installment of My Hero Academia. In addition to this, he also said that Netflix will be airing Death Note movie in the summer to come.

However, the fans came to the wrong conclusion that Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 would also be included in these summer planning. And all of a sudden this news flooded the Internet. But soon Viz Media refuted these rumors.

What they said was that Hamric was not understood properly and that Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 is still not scheduled. They just reminded of the schedule for My Hero Academia which was planned for April.

Although the series did not have any release for some time now, it managed to preserve its army of fans regardless. So, when it finally comes back, it will be welcomed. Hopefully, this will happen soon.