Top 10 Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners have become popular toys used by all generations at work, school or even at home. These toys are very simple but also very effective, and they can be used when people want to unwind and increase their concentration. Here are top 10 fidget spinners.

10. Holishouse Tri-Spinner

It is made from ABS plastic, and it can rotate for more than three minutes. This spinner comes with four bearings – a light one in the middle and one heavier in each prong. What is great about this kind of spinner is the material used for production, and it can endure more damage than some other types. The Holishouse Tri-Spinner costs $16.


9. Kroma Spinner

This fidget spinner is smoother than the previous one, and with the diameter of almost 7 cm, this toy has four ceramic bearings which help the spinner turn, making you entertained. Plastic is used for the Kroma spinner, which means that the toy will not break if it falls, plus it is light as a feather. However, only the bearing in the center can be changed, while its starting price is $20.


8. Gorilla Spinners

This Gorilla Spinner costs $28, and it has one central bearing and six rotating metal balls. It is produced in the US, and the central R188 bearing is made from stainless steel which increases the rotation speed and turning time. It is perfectly balanced and ideal for tricks and one-hand spins. It even comes with an aluminum housing used for protection.


7. Bokate Crusader Spinner

For $30, you get a thin spinner with a specific design and compared to the other spinners, this one is smaller. Furthermore, only metal is used for the Crusader, which means better shock resistance. It is worth giving this amount of money for this tiny but efficient metal spinner.


6. Infinity Spinner Pro I5

What makes this $48 Infinity Spinner Pro I5 unique is that it comes with no ball bearings that help spinners achieve thinner and prettier appearance. Although you cannot rotate the I5 on every prong, it has one of the best central bearings called R188 which allows the spinner to go for almost five minutes. Brass is used for the I5, and that is why it looks so beautiful.

5. Aventador Spinner

The Stealth Fidget Spinners company is so proud of its Aventador that they believe even James Bond would use this one. It is produced out of galvanized brass with black finishes, and it is massive – about 6 cm wide and 100 grams heavy. It can rotate between 4 and 7 minutes because of the bearing in the middle, and it costs $48.

4. TEC Accessories Orbiter

This authentic spinner from TEC Accessories company costs $65, and it is different in so many ways. It has a unique design, and this spinner rotates around the central magnetic bearing made out of titanium instead of the ball bearing. Because of these materials, it doesn’t produce friction like the regular spinners.

3. Radioactive Isotope .38 Spinner

This one got the name because its shape is similar to the radiation sign and believe it or not, but this model is CNC sanded from one aluminum piece. It consists of a high-quality ceramic central bearing resistant to corrosion, while a long-lasting paint layer is used to cover the toy. It is thinner than the usual spinners, which makes it perfect for your pocket and people with smaller hands. For the Radioactive Isotope .38, you need to give $65.

2. MD Engineering Wave3 Torqbar

The Torqbar spinner from MD Engineering is CNC sanded out of one piece of C360 brass. It has a minimalistic design, and over time it will have a beautiful color. However, bear in mind that these faux patina shades of colors, although great looking, can disappear over time and leave a mark on your skin. However, this one is one of the best spinners on the market, and that is why it costs $130.


1. Vorso Polished Flat Top V1

The Polished Flat Top V1 spinner has a really authentic shape with contrast bearing and body. It is 9 mm thick, it has a polished body and creased areas for you to hold it. This spinner rotates around ceramic hybrid 608 bearing which offers smooth and quick turns. What you also get is an adapted screwdriver which you can use for you spinner and a serial identification card so that you know it is real. This all costs $207.