Top 10 Proposal Flowers That Will Help Your Relationship Bloom


Proposing to your girl with some flowers is a centuries-long tradition. Since the beginning of time, one might say, guys have been trying to impress girls and the go-to move was flowers. But the ultimate move was to ask her to marry you and present a bouquet or even a single flower to her. But did you know that most of those flowers have a specific meaning?

I was shocked to find out that different flower arrangements come with their own meaning. I found that while researching this topic and realized that flowers represent so much more than I ever thought they did. For a lot of people it has become a tradition and for women just a romantic gesture. For most people, the end result is what it matters, but sometimes you have to think of certain details. Here are 10 proposal flowers that can help you start a perfect relationship.

1. Roses


Roses are everyone’s top pick. They are considered as the best and ultimate proposal flower. Some would say that proposing with roses almost guarantees a positive answer from a girl.

There are various kinds of roses, but the ones that really say “I Love You” are red roses. As you get down on your knee and say those faithful words while displaying a red rose to her, you are bound to make her giddy and cry from happiness as she says, “Yes.”

2. Carnations


Carnations are a perfect flower for two reasons. First of all, they are a great proposal flower as they represent love, admiration, and fascination. But they are also the best anniversary flower since you can give it to your wife after a year of being with her.

Even though there are many different shades of carnations, the most romantic ones are the red ones. Profess your love to your favorite girl with a bunch of red carnations.

3. Lilies


Lilies are probably one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. They have a unique shape and come in different colors. But their meaning is pretty clear, and that is “I simply adore you and I want to be with you!”

If you are really infatuated with someone and want to spend your entire life with them, then lilies are the way to go. It also works as a great 30th-anniversary gift so you can remind her of the time you first proposed.

4. Tulips


In Victorian times, giving tulips to someone meant that you are professing your undying love to that person. The meaning has not changed so much and tulips are considered as an elegant way to say that you love somebody.

If you truly want to win over someone and maker her weak in her knees as you propose, then use red tulips. No one can say No to that.

5. Blue Iris


It is believed that the root of a Blue Iris holds magical powers. One of its abilities is to attract the attention of a lower. So it makes a lot of sense to propose to your girl with a Blue Iris.

This flower is not only unique looking and beautiful it also represents hope and faith. But when given as a gift, it stands for deep sentiment towards the receiver.

6. Orchids


Orchids have a specific characteristic to them. They are one of the rarest flowers on earth that comes in almost every shade. Making the orchid a very unique gift. And we all know how women feel about unique things.

Nevertheless, an orchid is a very romantic gift and a fine way to propose to your lover. It conveys deep love and devotion towards the person you are giving it to.

7. Gerbera Daisies


The Gerbera Daisy is considered as a very beautiful flower on its own. A single Gerbera Daisy represents cheerfulness and innocence. But a bouquet of them represents desire and love in a relationship.

If you propose to your girl with a Gerbera Daisy, it means that you hope for a happy and loveable marriage.

8. Sunflower


If you want to say that your lover is your sun and the light in your life, then Sunflowers will do nicely. Many people don’t even know that Sunflower represents one of the most romantic ways to propose.

It actually means that the presence of the person you are giving it to makes you happy. A bouquet of sunflowers works much better than a single one and you should think of trying it.

9. Chrysanthemum


In the Victorian age, a Chrysanthemum represented pure love and friendship. It meant that you expressed deviation to the person you have given it to. The meaning translates pretty much equally today.

If you want to marry a woman who is both your lover and a true friend, a bouquet of Chrysanthemums will make her very happy.

10. Azaleas


An Azalea flower holds many meanings, but the most important one here is that you want to take care of the person you are giving it to. If you propose to a girl with an Azalea, it is like giving your wedding vows.

You are forever vowed that you are going to stay by their side and that you are going to protect them. As every husband should.