Top 4 Reasons Why Parents Should Use Parental Control Apps

In this age of technology, parenting is no longer easier than it used to be in the past. Rapid advancements in technology present new challenges for parents to keep up. Children are tech-savvy and know how to use various web-connected devices including smartphones easily and better than the parents do. With the ease of access, the internet exposes kids to various threats like cyber bullying, identity theft, social media scams, and malicious content. So, it is essential to protect kids from dangers posed by digital technology and the internet. Fortunately, there are some excellent and advanced tools available for parental control such as monitoring apps like the Famisafe. These apps allow parents to set controls on their kid’s internet activity to keeping them safe.

Here in this article we highlight the powerful features of the app and why parents should use it.

Protect kids from inappropriate content

The reality is that inappropriate or objectionable content is everywhere on the internet and most parents felt helpless to protect their children from it. Using parental control app is an effective way to administer the smartphones and other digital devices of your children. This app lets you restrict access to websites with inappropriate content and even block them. Also, there is an internet scheduler that allows parents to set a specific time for internet access helping prevent internet addiction.

Website and category blocking

In many cases, parents are not able to identify all the websites that are inappropriate for kids. Such websites can be restricted by blocking the entire category. The parental control app allows you to do so with ease. It has a powerful feature where you can block access to all websites that contain adult content just by blocking the adult category. It also allows you to create an exclusion list of websites included in a blocked category. For instance, if you have blocked the category of social networking but want to allow access to Instagram only, then simply add its URL to the exclusion list.

Fight cyber-bullying

Smartphones and the internet have made children more vulnerable to bullying and abuse. Children are glued to their phone either on social media or messaging texting apps. Famisafe a parental control app allows you to see what your children are doing on the social sites and track outgoing and incoming messages and calls as well. This app also allows you to block suspicious contacts on your child’s phone. This way you can be aware of who is contacting your kid and what conversation they are having with people.

Time management

Smartphones and other mobile devices can be a potent distraction. Parents can set a time-based schedule for device usage by their children. This helps them pay more attention to other essential aspects of their life such as extracurricular activities, sports, friends, etc. Setting a time-based schedule is easy using a parental control app which is a great app to control screen time. This app can also keep track of daily limits and impose designated bedtimes and study time.

Having parental control app installed on your phone is a great way to help regulate your child’s online habits. Invest in a good security suite like Famisafe and teach your kids the importance of safety when exploring the online world.