How to vape cannabis: a beginner’s guide?

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Often you come across the fact that people are switching from the tobacco to other chemical plants, which are less harmful to the body, isn’t it? Now, in the midst, have you ever heard the name of cannabis?

The common name of the plant is definitely marijuana, one of those herbal plants which generate a high state in people when consumed in huge quantities. However, when cannabis is consumed in the proper dosage, it can help in overcoming the addiction to nicotine. Such is the wonder of this long, slender stemmed plant!

What is marijuana or cannabis?

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Before going into the details of vaping, first, let us understand what exactly cannabis is. This tropical plant has huge quantities of cannabinoids- a chemical that triggers the endocannabinoid receptor mechanism of the human body, thus helping the system to overcome a number of health problems.

Now, with the medical studies, finally, it has been established that cannabis can be used for replacing the tobacco in cigarettes, or rather the e-cigarettes. This is known as vaping, and the machine is known as the vape machine.

What is vaping? How is vaping better than normal smoking?

Vaping comes from the smoking of vapors. Basically, the e-cigarettes have a liquid whose main constituent is cannabis. This liquid is heated using a coil, which is sparked using the electric charge generated from the battery. Once the liquid gets heated, the vapors propel from inside the tube, and then one can inhale the smoke.

It does not contain any tobacco or nicotine-containing substances. As a result, you won’t have to worry about getting addicted to smoking.

What are the types of cannabis vaporizers that you can get in the market?

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Now, once you have understood the basics of the vaping, let’s understand the types of cannabis vaporizers.

1. Pen vaporizer

This kind of vaporizer is mainly used by people who are accustomed to cigarettes and cannot leave the addiction. Generally, it releases the cannabinoid vapor, and hence, you won’t be getting the nicotine smokes.

2. Portable vaporizer

This particular type of vaporizer is best when you want to carry the vaping machine, and doesn’t wish to make a dominant effect.

3. Vape mod

This is the advanced form of the vaping machine, where the battery life is increased to a maximum limit.

4. Dry herb vaporizer

This vaporizer heats Cannabis at the optimal temperature for inhalation. You can adjust the temperature for a deeper or lighter flavor. For more details about this vaporizer, visit

How to be a pro in vaping cannabis?

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Now, once you know that vaping is perfect for you and you have bought a suitable vaporizer, let’s see what the ways are in which you can become a pro in vaping cannabis liquid.

1. Never invest in cheap vaping liquids

As you are using the vaping liquid to get rid of the nicotine addiction, you have to ensure that you are proficient in choosing the perfect liquid. Never spend your money on machines that use cheap cannabis liquids, with toxic mixtures in them. Study the liquid properly and understand the composition before buying the proper machine.

2. Consider the flavor of the cannabis vapor

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Another thing to consider before buying the best vaping machine is that you can choose from amongst a wide list of flavors. There are flavors like cinnamon, rosemary, and so on, which makes the vaping more convenient since nowadays, the cigarettes also come in multiple flavors.

3. Get to know about the VG/PG ratio

VG means the intensity of the cloud of the vapor that the vaping machine will produce. PG means Propylene glycol, which is indeed a very tasteless and thin liquid. So, higher the VG, better will be the vaping machine. On the other hand, if you have the PG value high, then the smoke is going to hit your throat directly, just like the cigarette vapor.

4. Don’t forget to clean the e-tank on a regular basis

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Never forget to clean the e-tank since some times, the vapors condense inside and then forms soot. This clogs the tank and hence, results in inefficiency of the machine.

5. Always check the battery life and its connections

Battery life is very important because it is this battery, which is the driving force of the entire vaping machine. So, always take a look at the life of the battery so that you can recharge it sooner than later. Also, sometimes, the battery connections become loose, and hence, you fail to get the proper vapor intensity. So, try and understand the battery connections.

6. Occasionally change the coils

If your coil has lost its heat transfer ability and is not sparking the cannabis liquid, you might have to change the coils. So, it is better to understand the lifetime of the coil and replace it before you run out of time.

7. Carry portable batteries if you have a low battery life

Most of the vaping machines do not have a high battery life, especially if you are not buying a vape mod. Under such situations, it is best to carry an extra battery so that you can replace the previous one if it runs out of life.

8. For multiple flavors, you have to try multiple machines

If you like to enjoy different flavors of the vaping machine, then you will have to buy different tanks. BigDaddySmoke is an online store where you will get various types of cannabis tanks for the vaping machine.


Vaping machines are now available even for the beginners. So, no matter what you are, try these vaping machines and get rid of the nicotine addiction.