Voltron Season 4 – Trailer and Release Date

Source: www.denofgeek.com

Even though the Season 3 of the Voltron was shortened, the new season is supposed to arrive earlier than expected, which is marvelous news for all the Voltron fans. Some people who are into the show are worried that the original 78 episodes might be cut down, but that is obviously not the case.

In fact, executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos and co-executive producer Lauren Montgomery pointed out that Netflix planned to show more Voltron episodes to the fans as soon as possible. Season 3 has seven episodes and Season 4 is going to have six episodes, so it appears that they just decided to break one 13-episode season into two shorter ones. According to Montgomery and Des Santos, the fans shouldn’t expect a major season 3 finale like it was the case with the ending of the previous one. Instead of that, a large cliffhanger is possible with the Season 4 premiere picking up from the previous episode.

Source: www.denofgeek.com

Just like the Voltron Season 3, the next one could also end with a big cliffhanger. Here is the official description of the new batch of episodes: “With Shiro back at the Castleship, Keith makes a choice that causes a rift between him and Team Voltron. As Allura and team focus on building the Voltron Coalition, Prince Lotor’s plans start to take shape.”

Voltron Season 4 Release Date

Voltron Season 4 arrives on Friday, October 13 on Netflix, which is in less than a month! So far, we don’t know anything about the future seasons, whether they are going to be split up in half, or they will return to the 13-episode format. It is still early to discuss that, plus it doesn’t change much.

While you are waiting for Voltron Season 4, check out this awesome trailer below: