What Are Common Back Problems


At some point in our lives, we are faced with some type of back problems. As we grow older, these kinds of issues are more likely to occur, even if we haven’t had some injury in the past. Nowadays, a large number of people work in offices meaning that they spend most of their workdays sitting in front of a computer and this puts a strain on their spin. In the following article, we are going to discuss the different causes of these problems.


First of all, let’s discuss some injuries. Oftentimes it doesn’t matter how athletic you are, these things can happen. However, understandably, they usually occur to people who think of themselves as a great sportsperson, but in reality, they are not. These things are more likely to occur if a person hasn’t had any type of physical activity in a while and what’s more if they do not warm-up and stretch properly before the workout session. It almost doesn’t matter what sport you want to play, if you skip this step you are probably going to end up with the lower back problems. The best way to treat this is to strengthen the muscles by doing some exercises. This usually demands an individual approach which is why you should seek professional help and contact Motion ChiroTherapy.


Similar problems are caused by poor gym techniques. There is a reason why there are trainers in every gym – handling all that equipment is not an easy task. If you are planning on joining a gym make sure to have a professional by your side, at least for the first few training seasons. If you try to maneuver those machines on your own, a disaster can occur.

Furthermore, these problems can occur even if haven’t done any type of sudden moves or heavy lifting. Some common tasks like doing the dishes or vacuuming can put a strain on your spine and cause that pain. There is a reason why your parents always told you ‘sit up or walk straight’. These everyday actions might not seem important but over time can cause some serious pain. The best way to stop it from happening is to try to think about your posture as much as you can. You can even imagine that you are wearing a corset that is pulling your body in the proper position.


Finally, we have to mention another activity that is just destroying your spin – sitting. Just think about how much time of your day you spend sitting. You sit on the bus, train or in the car, on your way to work, if you have a white-collar job, then you sit at the desk for the entire workday, then, you come home and sit some more to watch a movie or something. When you spend most of your time in this position, you are actually restricting the blood flow to the discs in your spin. According to Miami Spine and Performance, in order to prevent this, you should try to do some mild exercise every hour or two.

Lower back pain and spine issues are considered to be the illness of the 21st century. Still, you should try to incorporate some sort of exercises into your daily routine or at least walk instead of using public transportation, if that is possible.