What Is SEO? Explained By Josiah Brown From Airborne Digital Marketing Agency


A new Winnipeg SEO Agency has surfaced in the last few months. Its name is Airborne Digital Marketing Agency, and it is run by Josiah Brown, an 18-year-old University student. I had the chance to speak with Josiah a little bit about his business.


Josiah was recently accepted into the Asper School of Business, which is a part of the University of Manitoba. He’s always been interested in entrepreneurship and loves what he does.

So I asked Josiah, what is SEO and why would a business owner need it? Here’s his response.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of getting your website ranking on the first page of Google for relevant search terms to your company/brand. SEO is a valuable service for any company who could find a potential customer searching Google for their products and/or services.

Whenever you Google something, Google uses hundreds of factors to determine which sites to put first. These factors are not kept secret, so SEO can be made into an actionable sequence of events that lead to high Google rankings.


Some of the factors that affect how Google ranks web pages include but are not limited to;

-On-Page Optimization (H1/H2 tags, word count, keyword density, NAP)
-Off-Page Optimization (Backlink quantity, backlink quality, anchor texts, Citation quality and quantity, NAP Consistency)

And many more.

When it comes to links and websites you choose for this, it is important to check if they are all hosted at one place. This is usually a problem with pbns and for that make sure that best pbn hosting services are used for that purpose.

Companies like Airborne Digital Marketing Agency have refined their “sequence of events,” and are now using it to help local companies rank their businesses in Google.

This means that sometimes SEO is not a worthwhile investment for a company. If your business is based out of a small town, there may not be enough search volume to warrant launching a full out SEO campaign.

This explains why starting a Winnipeg SEO campaign can be so lucrative, Winnipeg is a very large city with high search volume for all sorts of keywords. Maybe one, or multiple, of them apply to you and your business.

Whether you’re in need of a website and SEO services, or if you already have a website, but would like it ranked, we can help you. Part of SEO is the on-page optimization, so your website may need to go through some changes, but we can help you either way.

We also offer Video SEO services and can help you with creating a video to showcase your brand. We can rank it on YouTube and in the Google search results, which also helps with your actual website’s rankings.


At Airborne Digital Marketing Agency, we offer a result-based pricing model to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. If we don’t get you any rankings, and you don’t see any customers from our efforts, why should you pay us?

If you would like to speak with me about whether or not your business could utilize SEO to grow your customer base, don’t hesitate to visit my website and fill out the contact form. I’d love to help you determine if SEO is a worthwhile venture for your business.