Which Was Better – Raw Or Smackdown?

Ever since the brand split happened back in the summer of 2016, the fans often compared these two shows in order to see who won the battle between the brands. Many of them believe that Smackdown Live has generally had better shows as they are easier to watch since they last 2 hours, compared to Raw’s three hours program, and that the booking on SD Live has been somewhat better.

This week we had two decent shows. The bookings on both of them were quite alright as no major mistakes were made. Raw had that interesting Gauntlet main event match that Sasha Banks won. Nia Jax looked strong while the right woman won. Samoa Joe and Lesnar were fantastic yet again, and so were Roman and Braun Strowman.

Smackdown Live booked MITB match the way they should have done the first time. Carmella looked good both in the main event and in the opening segment. The Usos are continuing to shine as a heel team, and we can expect this feud to be good going forward. Jinder and Orton were okay, but nothing ground-breaking.

Source: sportskeeda.com

Raw again had some embarrassing moments as LaVar Ball’s segment was just a complete waste of everybody’s time. But, we are going to go with Monday Night Raw as the better show this week. Even though the downs on this episode of Raw were pretty bad, the good things that happened have been better than good moments that blue brand had.

Samoa Joe is continuing to look like a beast, Braun vs. Roman continuing to heat up and good main event that women had is going to be enough for Raw’s victory in this round.