Why Dez Bryant Has Something To Prove In 2017

Source: si.com

We used to mention Dez Bryant’s name when we talked about the best wide receivers just two years ago. But, if we had that conversation right now, we are not sure that Dallas Cowboys’ WR would be talked about. There is no doubt that Bryant is talented and important to the Dallas Cowboys, but he hasn’t looked like one of the best in the game. He still has a couple of things to prove.

First of all, he needs to show that he can stay healthy. It is not his fault that he gets injured quite often, but if a player is injury prone, he might not be worth the money and the trouble that he comes with. A big part of him not being in the convo for one of the best pass catchers in the NFL is the fact that he misses a lot of time because of those injuries.

Source: theboysareback.com

Second on the list, he needs to be consistent. Bryant has to be a legit threat to the defenses in every single game. This guy is way too talented to have one monster game and then have only one catch for like 10 yards the next week. If he wants to be at the top of the food chain yet again, he needs to deliver great numbers all the time.

Bryant is earning a lot of money for what he does, and he needs to prove that he is worth that. If his production is not worth the cost, the Cowboys might be looking to move on. That is going to hurt Bryant’s stock, and he might end up playing for teams that he doesn’t want to be on. That is why Dez still has a lot to prove in 2017.