Will Bigger Tires Make Your ATV Faster – 2024 Guide


Bigger is always better but sometimes one needs to know the terms and conditions attached to it. One such citation is when you need bigger tires for your ATV. Are they going to make the performance better? And if so, how will they benefit the driving experience? These are the questions this guide will try to answer.

There is Potential


The reason why a lot of people are going with this change is because of the potential of getting something better than it was before. One reason to do it is for the improvement in top-end speed which previously was just average. But this improvement can only be when  you are raising a straight flat. What’s more?

There are some potential drawbacks to this installation too. The bike suspension may show negative results if the decision is not made with proper consideration. Another issue that may pop up includes negative impact on the low-range and mid-range acceleration which may not be something you might want to compromise on.

Things to Consider Before Installing

This guide is here to let you know the precise ways in which bigger types can impact the performance of your ATV. It is great in some cases and may have drawbacks in some contexts. We will be covering all the bases so that you make an informed design. Let us get to know the things to be familiar with before installing bigger wheels.

Better Top-end Speed

If we talk about  theory, a lot is possible with blogger tires. One of the benefits is significant improvement in the top-end speed. Let us first understand what can classify as a bigger upgrade. We are talking about a wider type which also has a larger diameter than your previous one. This will also mean that the height of the new installment will be higher than the previous one.

The bigger diameter impacts the gear ratio. One of the perks you might experience is that with each rotation, the bike can go a little bit further. So, the bike will end up moving farther in a smaller amount of time. The consideration with this change is how well your engine will be able to keep up. If the engine can power it well, there may be an increase in efficiency and you can get better top-end speed, theoretically.

However, the matter is not that simple. We talk about this improvement being in theory because there is higher wind resistance at high speeds. One also has to consider the drag. The engine might not be able to keep up. Additonally, it also depends on the model of your ATV so the speed depends on compatibility more than anything.

Modifications to Make

Whenever there is a small change with the ATV, there has to be other modifications to take care of. However, it is not always necessary to make a change. For instance if you are increasing the size of the tire by one inch there is no need for any modification to the bike. It can easily accommodate a slightly bigger change in size. If the size changes by 2 or 3 inches there is a significant change in performance.

Depending on the engine the REV levels may not be the same with a bigger tire size. One modification one can opt for is installing a clutch kit. You can get one from most shops selling ATV and UTV accessories. Clutches and clutch kits or tools are an excellent addition whether you want bigger tires or replace your worn-out clutch with a new one. The low range and mid range acceleration can improve with this installation. It is the simplest solution to help with the gear ratio change. You will get both light and stiff clutch waves so strike a balance in how you are going to choose them.

It is very important to choose a keep which is specifically suitable for your particular bike. Remember that this modification is happening because of a big change which you already have done so try not to adjust and find something to actually help your bike. If you want to make modifications, make sure to read more about ATV performance.

The Torque, Gearing, and Clutch

The gear ratio is dependent on the diameter of the tire. So the bigger the tire is the higher the gear ratio will be. Because of more weight, the larger tire will be operating on a rotating mass which was higher than the previous tire.

This can significantly impact the low end torque and can strain the engine. Your ATV will have significant difficulty in navigating through muddy tracks which can only be prevented with a gear reduction. Increase the low speed and performance you might have to compromise with top and speed which is the primary benefit of bigger tires.

Suspension and Drivetrain


Any decision about the ATV cannot be made in isolation because all of the other parts can be directly impacted by it. The suspension components and the stock drivetrain will be under much more stress with bigger wheels. They will be able to manage the stress for a while but will eventually wear much faster than expected. The recommended modifications in such a case is to opt for CV joints, heavy duty axles, and other quality suspension components.

Letting Go of the Manufacturer’s Warranty

There is a possible chance that the manufacturer’s warranty will be void after you install big tires for your ATV. Your primary concern is for increased speed but you should also consider waiting until the period of the manufacturer’s warranty passes. Condition conditions of each manufacturer is different depending on the model and the size of the tire. If no such thing is mentioned you are good to go but otherwise try to be careful of it.

The Takeaway


This guide was meant to clarify the benefits and modifications related to installing bigger tires in your ATV. It will increase the diameter which means that more area can be covered in the same number of revolutions. If the engine can take the load and the increased mass, you will be making a great change in the top-end acceleration.