WWE Coming To Saudi Arabia Again This Year!?


WWE really enjoyed their time in Saudi Arabia. They put together a fun show that was pretty entertaining towards the end of it. The Royal Rumble match was awesome, as it always is since it is one of the best concepts in the history of the company. Looking back on it, it seems that everybody had a good time, including the wrestlers and the fans. Well, we can’t forget about one man.

Vince was also pretty happy with himself after this show since the company reportedly made somewhere between 100M to 200M dollars. Yes, that is right, you read that correctly.

This show took place at King Abdullah Stadium, a great venue that hosted over 60.000 people in the second biggest city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah.


Turki Al-Sheikh was pretty excited about this show and he liked what he saw on Friday night at the King Abdullah Stadium. The government went all out to make this event possible, paid a lot of money and the WWE didn’t disappoint. The set was pretty big, the fireworks were again in action since there was a lot of money for the biggest company in the wrestling business to work with.

All of this screamed big success for both sides, which is a reason why there will probably be another show in Saudi Arabia this fall.

Turki Al-Sheikh announced that he and the WWE have an agreement about having one more show in Saudi Arabia, but this time, it is going to happen in the capital of the country, Riyadh. This major event is likely going to take place in November this fall.

But, there are still a lot of WWE shows that the company has to worry about before they have to go to the Middle East yet again.