How to Handle Your Boyfriend’s Video Game Obsession Positively?

Before you start complaining about your partner, try to understand that video games are just a hobby. It’s not your enemy. Don’t worry, because video games entertain and relax him which is very important. Each of us has a favorite activity. For example, you may prefer long walks or cycling while your partner is more interested in gaming.

It is individual and you should respect your partner’s interests. However, many people are passionate gamers and if you don’t feel that too, it can be very tiring. Show your partner that you respect his needs. Remember, you can always turn the situation in your favor. Just use the following few tricks.

1. Play games together

We are sure that you and your partner understand each other very well and share common interests. However, it is natural that you are sometimes interested in different things. Instead of holding on to your side, be flexible.

Try to understand what it is about video games that fascinates your partner so much. Not only will you delight him but you may get to know the other side of your personality. In the end, you will spend a lot more time with him and that will have a positive impact on your relationship. You can even buy same t-shirts at and really look like a team.

2. Make a compromise

Compromise is always the best solution, because equality is a very important thing in a relationship between two people. It is normal that you do not want to spend time with your partner all the time. Sometimes you just want time for yourself and your activities. In fact, it is advisable to occasionally isolate yourself from everyone and dedicate yourself exclusively to your needs. However, at the end of the day, we always want our partner and we love spending quality time with him.

So think about what you will do during the day and suggest a plan. For example, let him enjoy his video games for the first half of the day while you go fishing together in the second half of the day. You can also suggest that he play video games for a few hours while you do household chores, after which he will wash the car and you can rest. Whatever you decide, it is desirable that you understand your partner and his feelings all the time, as well as yours.

3. Give him more chores

When you notice that your partner is spending too much time playing games, think of a new chore. For example, remember that just then you have to tidy up the yard, go grocery shopping or do something else.

There is no need to do it just because you are annoyed by his hobby, because it will have a bad effect on your relationship. Allow your partner to enjoy his favorite game and don’t stop immediately unless you think it’s necessary.

4. Leave the children with him

If you have children, let them be your main weapon. Older children love video games, so do them a favor. Allow them to spend some free time playing video games with your partner. In that case, the partner will probably give up his long game faster, and you will have more time for yourself.

Use this time to relax, do housework or do some of your favorite activities while your partner is babysitting. This will also have a positive effect on the relationship with the children, because you will show them that you are relaxed. This will strengthen your bond.

5. Start a conversation

If you want to interrupt your partner in playing games and distract him from some other things, you can use one great trick. Start a conversation with him immediately after the first game is over, because that will distract him. Of course, the better topic you come up with, the more interested you will be in talking to you or some other activity. For example, mention to him during the conversation how you would like to go for lunch or for a walk on a nice day.

However, we are sure that your partner will immediately realize that you want his company. You can also talk about your feelings. Tell him how you feel if you think he spends too much time playing video games. People who like this hobby sometimes lose track of time and are not even aware of how it affects their environment. This is the first step in solving the problem. Try to be completely calm and do not clash. Otherwise, he will think that you are opposing his hobby, and that can escalate into an argument.

6. Recognize addiction

In the end, the games are there to entertain us. In addition, they offer intellectual stimulation, as well as a temporary escape from reality. However, sometimes people get too far away from reality because they prefer an alternative version of themselves. For example, he is a hero with a set of skills and a certain mission. Then it stops being fun, because this, like any other activity, can be addictive. Your task is to notice the signs of addiction in time and to draw your partner’s attention to it. This behavior is very harmful for your relationship, as well as for your partner. Help him deal with this type of addiction in time if you think he needs help.

If you are not sure how to spot signs of game dependence, follow the player classification. So, there are casual players and that is the category that most people who like video games fall into. Passionate players are the middle ground in the gaming population. For them, this is their main hobby. After all, there are addicts who are inseparable from their video games and they even show aggression if you stop them. You will recognize the addict by the fact that he invests all his time and resources in this activity. This reflects badly on their relationships, careers or bank accounts.


Don’t worry too much about video games, because it’s just a source of entertainment. The solution is not to break his console or unsubscribe from the game. The solution lies in communication and patience. Of course, you can always use some tricks to separate it from video games.