Best Things to Do During Your Vacation in Egypt

If you are about to visit Egypt on your next vacation, you should know more about what you can do there because this helps you to choose the destination, duration, and program of your journey.

Visiting ancient Egyptian monuments


Ancient Egyptian monuments are the main pillar of tourism in Egypt. Egypt is known for ancient archeological sites along the Nile valley. These monuments date back to different eras from the Pharaonic period to the modern era. The most important archaeological site is the Giza plateau, which comprises the great pyramids of Khufu, Khafra, and Menkaura.  The city of Luxor in Upper Egypt is also an outstanding site. In Luxor, you can see the huge temples of Karnak and Luxor. In addition, there are great mortuary temples of kings such as the temple of Hatshepsut at Deir El-Bahari, the Ramesseum, and the temple of medinet Habu. On the west bank of Luxor, you can visit ancient royal tombs in the valley of the kings. To the south of Luxor, there are many temples, like the temples of Esna and Edfu. Aswan also comprises many temples, furthermore, behind the high dam you can visit the Nubian monument including the temple of Abu Simbel. In Cairo there is the most magnificent Islamic architecture where you can see mosques, castles, old houses, and markets. While Alexandria is the place where you can see the remains of Greco-roman Egypt. Furthermore, the city of Fayum has a lot of antiquities to see.

Cruising the Nile from Luxor to Aswan


Cruising the Nile is an unmissable tour in Egypt, it is an experience full of excitement, relaxation, and exploring. The most popular itinerary of the Nile cruise is from Luxor to Aswan or vice-versa. Typically, these voyages last for 3 to 7 days, through them you explore the Nile valley from Luxor to Aswan. The most common way to cruise the Nile is by the large Nile cruisers, or the so-called “floating hotels”. Floating hotels are huge luxury ships with interior designs that are very similar to traditional hotels with luxurious accommodation rooms, facilities, and restaurants. The itinerary of the Luxor-Aswan Nile cruise includes seeing the main sites in Luxor. On the way to Aswan, the ship stops to visit the temple of Edfu and the temple of Esna. Arriving at Aswan, you can see the temple of Kom Ombo and the temple of Philae, beside spending some time in the Nubian village, Usually, a tour of the temples of Abu Simbel is optional with extra fees, but it is an amazing one.

Hot-air balloon in Luxor


In addition to the amusing Luxor tours in the historical sites, the hot-air balloon ride is one of the most interesting activities to do there. Typically, the balloon takes off in the early morning when the sun rises. The ride lasts for 45 minutes, a professional guide will accompany you. The balloon ride is an excellent opportunity to see most of the Luxor monuments from the sky, it is an indescribable scene.

Diving in the Red Sea


Egypt is one of the best diving destinations in the world. The Red Sea at the eastern border of Egypt is a great site for lovers of diving since it has clear water and incredible marine life. The underwater life is also characterized by the variety and beauty of fishes and coral reefs with lovely colors. Sharm el sheikh and Hurghada are the best places for diving in Egypt. There are many diving centers in Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, they also offer diving learning centers.

Egypt’s diving sites are suitable for most types of scuba diving, including reef diving and wreck diving. If you seek a calmer and more peaceful vacation, you can go to Dahab, 80 km north of Sharm El Sheikh. The blue hole in Dahab is the most famous diving site there. Diving in Dahab is easy and most divers start diving from the shore. So if you like diving don’t miss the opportunity when you are in Egypt where diving is easy, enjoyable, and cheap.

Safari in Egypt


Safari is a delightful part of tour packages in Egypt since there are different safari sites all over the country.

You can do a safari by beach buggies or quad bikes, but if you want to experience another type of adventure you can try a safari tour with horses or camels.

Famous sites of safaris in Egypt:

  • Africa park.
  • Cairo.
  • Giza and Saqqara.
  • Fayum.
  • Siwa oasis.
  • The white desert
  • Bahariya oasis.

In Egypt, you can go on a day safari tour, or you can choose longer tours which may extend up to 10 days.

On those long excursions, you will have a lot of fun and joy making new activities such as:

  • Exploring the desert.
  • Camping is a unique experience that allows you to merge with nature and enjoy sleeping under the stars.
  • Visiting mountains.
  • Most of the oases have hot springs where you can bathe and benefit from mineral water.
  •  enjoy safari nights and have dinner near the campfire.
  • Meet bedouins and learn about their culture.

Rock climbing


Rock climbing is one of the most exciting and enjoyable activities in Egypt. So if you like adventure, you have to try rock climbing in Egypt. There are many places in Egypt where you can climb mountains, but the most famous is the Sinai Peninsula. Sinai has many mountain ranges, the most prominent of which are the mountain of St. Catherine and Moses mountain. The mountain of St. Catherine is the highest peak in Egypt, its height is nearly 2629 m above sea level, while the mountain of Moses is about 2285 m.Climbing the Moses mount is easier than st Catherine, and it is provided by rests for the climbers. Dahab too is a popular site for rock climbing in Sinai, even if you are a beginner you can receive a rock climbing course there.

In conclusion

Egypt is a pleasant tourist destination that is well-known for its ancient monuments. But in addition to this, there are many other exciting activities to do such as diving, Nile cruising, and safari.