Best Fitness Trackers For Kids (TOP 2024)

How to make a child smart, healthy and active? It is necessary to find interesting and funny ways to motivate them to count steps, monitor the regimen and nutrition, communicate and regularly go out. We have selected the best children’s fitness trackers, which will inevitably develop healthy habits with the children on why they play.

Fitbit zip

The company indicates that its trackers are designed to be used at the age of 13, and it is not difficult to use. And instead of wrist devices, there is a clip one that will track steps, calories, and distance. It will also report time and display active minutes during the day.

There is no sleep tracking or unusual work of the companion app on the tracker, but it will still sync with Android and iOS devices to give you a broader view of activity. Zip is powered by the battery for six months and comes in several vibrant colors.

Fitbit has a huge impact on the fitness tracker market. At the same time, they certainly did not forget about children, producing a huge amount of this type of products for them. For example, this review will show how huge the market of fitness trackers for kids is.

Fitbit Ace

Fitbit Ace is designed for 8+ and offers the familiar design and basic tracking features that fit Fitbits bracelets for adults.

In fact, this is a smaller version of Fitbit Alta, convenient for children, but without a fast heartbeat. Ace keeps track of your child’s active minutes, steps, and sleep time, then adds all this information to the app for parents to view. Children can connect the bracelet to their smartphone to receive call notifications, or the parent can control it from their phone while sending support messages.

Fitbit notes that the device will comply with current rules that apply to children’s trackers, and in the companion app you can fully control what data is transferred or viewed by other approved Fitbit friends or family.

It is worth noting that this summer Fitbit released the Ace 2 with waterproofing for swimming. Ace 2 is equipped with animated dials, bolder colors, a bumper to protect the device and the ability for children to wear Inspire bracelets when they grow up. This one is cheaper!

Sqord Activity Tracker

Sqord is not just a step counter. This is a fitness tracker for children that motivates an active game, scoring points for daily useful activities. The wearable device tracks all kinds of movements and turns it all into virtual rewards in a smartly designed smartphone app.

Your children can also participate in the weekly leaderboard and in private meetings with friends. Parents can set goals and create their own unique rewards. There is some real science to maintain the effectiveness of this tracker. A third-party assessment with 5th grade showed that previously inactive children using Sqord increased their activity levels by 55%.

Activities worth tracking do not only take place on land. Whether it is a water sport or swimming competition, it can turn into big points in the Sqord app! The Activity Pod can beat and keep track. Lightweight bracelets are comfortable and extremely durable.

Finally, Sqord uses a standard watch battery for up to 9 months. This means that there is no need to connect it every night to charge. Replacing the battery is simple and inexpensive. Beauty!

Nabi Compete

There are many fitness trackers for children, but Nabi Compete is the first to position itself as competitive. It works just like a traditional fitness tracker and uses a battery that lasts three months. It comes in a box with two identical stripes that communicate with the smartphone app to report activity.

With the help of personal competitions and joint tasks, Nabi Compete measures calorie burning and gives children an impulse-challenge to movement: to walk, jump or run. You can set a goal from a variety of real-life situations. Choose the food, then children can understand the concept of calories. Their harmful food addictions are demonstrated using familiar dishes which will gradually accustom them to a more conscious, healthy diet.

There is also a reward system for motivating children. They can grow virtual pets by completing tasks, as well as feed and grow them using “accrual points” received for their activity. Finally, they can also share their mood with friends via the nabi Connect social network, which is safe for children, and choose the option of teamwork to achieve fitness goals together with others.

LeapFrog LeapBand

Tamagotchi and Pokemon were popular among children due to the fact that there is something enticing in caring for a small virtual pet. Leapfrog takes this idea and breaks it into a fitness tracker to make the kids move.

Children can choose from eight different pets – from unicorns to frogs – they need to complete tasks in order to earn points and play games with them. There are 14 problems to get started, but parents can add up to 36 and a total of 50.

Children can use these glasses to educate their pet, with the ability to feed and care for them. There is also something called Pet Chef, which allows children to use their pets to collect food and learn interesting facts about nutrition. It is also waterproof, has the modes of “school” and “quiet”, so the children will not play at the wrong time.

Designed for children from 4 to 7 years. There are three colors to choose from: green, blue and pink.

Choose the best for raising a child and the activity of all family members!