Is Buying A House In Koh Samui A Smart Investment In 2024

Investing in properties has always been one of the best ways to make sure your money keeps its value over a long period of time. If you let it just sit in a savings account, it’ll devaluate over time because of inflation and several other things, but properties, such as houses, rarely devaluate, especially if they’re kept in good condition.

For the longest time, Koh Samui was the best place in Thailand if you wanted to buy a property. Koh Samui is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful islands in the entire world, not only in Thailand. Solely based on that, many people believed that investing in a house in Koh Samui was a smart investment, and sure enough – that proved to be true.

However, as we all know, things change, and nothing ever lasts forever. On that note, we felt like it was wise to check whether Koh Samui was still “the” place in Thailand for property investment. Let’s take a look at what we’ve found out.

Is Koh Samui A Good Place For A Long Term Property Investment?

The most important factor to consider when buying a house is whether the property will devaluate or increase in value over time. When it comes to Koh Samui, property purchases have been seen as smart moves for a really long time. This is mainly due to the fact that this is an attractive tourist location, and because of it, many investors flock to it. With so much cash and capital flowing in, the island has been steadily progressing, expanding and evolving, and all signs point to this trend continuing on in the future.

Another thing that makes this place a good location for investing in a home is the fact that the housing market is booming. As you could imagine, the property prices in Thailand are significantly lower compared to the prices in the US, for example. For instance, a $500,000 property in Koh Samui listed on would cost at least $20,000,000 in California.

When you think about it, it is clear to see why many foreign investors come to Thailand to purchase a house. They get an amazing deal on a property, so why wouldn’t they take it? This steady influx of foreign cash has kept the housing market in Koh Samui stable for many years. Not only that, but virtually every single house increases in value year after year.

Finally, even though the housing market has been stable for many years, we are in the midst of a global health crisis now in 2024, and because of it – the prices have dropped a little bit compared to the previous few years. But, this is exclusive to Koh Samui. This is happening all over the world. And, if you’re following what’s going on in the world of real estate, you know that the rich and wealthy are taking advantage of this situation and are buying properties left and right, especially in tropical paradises such as Koh Samui.

Is Buying A House In Koh Samui A Smart Investment In 2024?

With all that being said, it is hard to see why buying a house in Koh Samui wouldn’t be a good investment. The housing market has been stable for many years, the prices have dropped a bit because of the global health situation, and new investors are steadily investing more money into the infrastructure and development of this island.

As far as we are concerned – buying a house in Koh Samui is definitely a smart investment in 2024.

Additional Reasons To Consider Buying A House In Koh Samui

Now that we’ve established that Koh Samui provides a stable housing market and is undoubtedly a good place for you to invest your money in, let’s take a look at some other reasons as to why you should consider getting a house on this island.

House Prices Tend To Raise Over Time

The key component and the main reason why many people invest in properties is that houses tend to increase in value over time. This is not only true for Koh Samui but for many other places in Thailand, as well. When you pair that up with what we’ve just talked about, you can understand why real estate investing have been a thing for decades now.

When you look back, you can notice the trend of a steady increase in house pricing pretty much anywhere in the world. In Koh Samui, after the initial boom back in the day, the house prices have gone up, each year, by at least three to five percent. That means that in 10 years, you could sell your house for at least 50% more than what you’ve spent in the first place.

Tax Deductions

It doesn’t matter if you’re a foreign or a domestic investor; buying a house can actually save you a lot of money. There are several ways in which you can gain your money back upon purchasing a property. For example, if it is your first property – you will get a tax return and several other tax benefits, not to mention better interest rates and best deals on home loans. Also, you can deduct the interest off of your taxable income if you pay the mortgage for your new house.

You Can Always Sell It

The best thing about buying a house in a popular place like Koh Samui is that you can pretty much sell it at any given time. When you are a homeowner, you have an asset that holds a lot of value, and when you’re a homeowner in a popular place – you have an asset that holds a lot of value, and everyone wants to get their hands on it.

So, even if things don’t go according to the plan, you can always fall back on selling the house and probably even making a profit off of it. There aren’t many things that you can buy and later on sell for profit, but a house in Koh Samui is one of those things.


It doesn’t matter if you plan on living in it, renting it or just vacationing in it – buying a house in Koh Samui certainly seems like a good investment. However, it is up to you, and only up to you, to decide whether you want to buy one or not.