Chance Morris Net Worth 2019 – How Much is He Worth

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Chance Morris is a famous Twitch streamer, known in the community by his nickname Sodapoppin. He shares his gaming sessions with the fans in a funny way. He currently has $1.5 million followers. Read along to learn more about his career, life, and earnings.

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Early and Personal Life

He was born on February 15, 1994, in Texas, USA. He had a lovely childhood with his parents and seven siblings. They are a wealthy family, and the parents adopted several children. Chance is the youngest, and it is not known if he is their biological son.
Chance graduated high school in Austin and then attended the University of Texas in San Antonio. However, he dropped out in favor of his Internet career. His parents did not support this decision, but he has made it and proved them wrong after all.
One of his brothers is Dustin Morris, a rapper whose stage name is Dkane Morris.

Chance is in a relationship with another streamer, Lea May, whose stream name is @LegendaryLea.


Sodapoppin posted his first video in 2012, titled “Sodapoppin playing Amnesia 2”. He then moved on to World of Warcraft. His channel was first called Sodapoppin 33. HE started doing this for fun, but soon saw the potential and became more serious.
His first streaming platform was Xfire, and then He is also present on Reddit. Fans can now find him on Twitch, the most popular game streaming service today. In 2013 after becoming successful, he moved to Michigan, from where he now operates.
So far, he has won Blizzard Stream Awards for his World of Warcraft content.

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Net Worth

Chance Morris has an estimated net worth of around $450,000. His wealth comes from streaming, endorsements, advertisements, and his Northern Gaming Company. He is still very young and has a very bright future in the gaming industry ahead of him.