Jim Skrip Net Worth 2019 – Real Estate Magnate

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First of all, we should mention that he is known in the USA as a very successful and accomplished businessman in the field of real estate. However, many people know him simply as the husband of Vanessa Williams. The couple gets acquainted in 2012 and they tied the knot in 2015.

Personal life

He was born on the 1st January 1960 in Buffalo, New York, the USA. While growing up, his biggest desire was to become an actor. He tried everything he could to become one, but he did not succeed in this. This is the reason why he tried himself in the world of real estate.

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Love life

Before marrying Vanessa, he has been married, and he got a daughter from the previous marriage. It should be also mentioned that he likes to keep his life private and the media does not even know how his daughter is called. Also, this was not first Vanessa’s marriage.

Both Vanessa and Jim are born in New York and grew up there, but they did not meet in New York. Quite interestingly, they first met in Egypt in 2012. He was traveling by himself while Vanessa was on vacation and she was taking a cruise along with her daughters, called Sasha. When they got acquainted, they liked each other from the first moment, and they decided to start dating. However, they also decided not to share their relationship with the public and kept it low profile. The first time Vanessa talked about their relationship was in 2015 about the time when Jim proposed to her. She spoke about this on The Queen Latifah Show.

It should be said that their first marriage was not successful since Jim tried to get the annulment of his first marriage but he could not get one. He succeeded to get it in 2016, on the 30th May. They had a wedding in a church and in a restaurant, as well.

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Even though he did not succeed in acting, he still had one important role. Namely, he used to act in a hit series called Desperate Housewives. However, after his role there, he did not succeed in getting any other important role on TV. One of his many jobs was being an accountant, as well. He and Vanessa Williams dated for a long time before they married and this actually put him into the spotlight.


Even though his acting career failed, he became recognized and appreciated as a businessman. He has decided to work in real estate business and he also invested in other fields, and they all paid off. Despite all of this, the biggest recognition if being Vanessa’s husband.

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Net worth

As of 2019, his net worth is estimated to be 12.5 million USD. Most of this money comes from real estate business that he has. Of course, money comes from his other investments, as well. It should be also noted that he became successful when he reached his 50s.