Top 10 Cool Cities of US to Visit in 2018

When making lists of cities people should visit in the United States writers usually include New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Miami. They do that for a reason; these places are magnets for tourists. But the US offers so much more than that. The country this big gives hundreds of cities that deserve a visit. The list we have for you today has those American cities that get overlooked by tourists.

Below you have places that offer much both historically and architecturally but are also modern in their way. Most of them could be considered the cities of America’s backyard. When foreigners look at the US, they only see East and West coast. We’ll take you for a ride behind that.


Louisville is a place of good vibes that can give you the best time of your life. It is rich in art and music, with a diversity of foods and drinks, visit this website for more packages about Louisville. Its southern hospitality will swipe you off your feet. If you find yourself in Louisville, you should stay in Brown Hotel or 21C Boutique Hotel. The latter one also serves as a contemporary museum. Being located in Kentucky, this city is also the home of particular kind of Bourbon. Bulleit Bourbon made in Stitzel-Weller Distillery is the product of Louisville.



It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, and there’s also a lot of things going down there. A new Four Seasons hotel will be opened this fall and their NFL team the Eagles have won the Super Bowl. The city is vibrant today as it was never before. The Fishtown neighborhood is going through a renovation and most of its residents today are young urban professionals. You shouldn’t miss on this part of the town. Other sites you should see include Royal Boucherie bistro, Barnes Collection museum, Wm. Mulherin’s Sons restaurant, and Vestige boutique.



Detroit is currently going through a renaissance. The city once considered cold, pale, and gray is now becoming one of the most beautiful places to be thanks to The Heidelberg Project. In addition to modern financial part of the city, it also has much to offer architectural-wise. Historical sites such as Michigan Central Station Inn on Ferry Street are a must see. Today, more than ever, Detroit is also coming through an industrial revolution which is being followed by new hotels, and rejuvenated food scene.



The American South is touristically underrated without the need to be so. Savannah, most of all places in the south, offers hospitality, charming locations, beautiful architecture and rich history. People in this city are considered extremely creative mostly because of its College of Art and Design. Its historic district is getting modern buildings, the latest one being Perry Lane Hotel. As it’s standard in the south, its cosine is one of a kind. The venue where you want to taste a meal is definitely at Husk. Other locations good for your stomach include Little Duck Diner, Fox & Fig, and the Grove.


Portland, Maine

Believe it or not, Portland is one of the coolest cities in the US. Many people are starting to be aware of this and pick this place as their vacation destination. The best time to be there is in summer and autumn. The town is filled with bars and restaurants. When you visit, don’t leave without trying local lobster. It is renowned for its inns the most notable being Danforth Inn and The Inn at Diamond Cove. If you are more of a brewers man, you should go to Bissell Brothers or Stroudwater. If you want to see a museum, which is one of its kind, then head to International Cryptozoology Museum.


Columbus, Indiana

Columbus is an architect-wonder city. The local engine industry mogul sponsored many projects through the 50s which resulted in the modernistic architecture Columbus has today. It features more than 80 modernist buildings which were created by countries brightest minds such as I.M. Pei and Richard Meier. The city has plans to celebrate its modern architecture. The first Exhibit Columbus is scheduled for this year.


Richmond, Virginia

Another city rich in southern charm is Richmond. It’s young, it’s energetic, it’s the place you want to visit. Its cuisine is fantastic. You don’t need more reasons to go there besides that. New restaurants are being opened almost every day, to say so. Shagbark in the Libbie Mill-Midtown neighborhood and Saison in Jackson Ward are the two we would recommend. If you want good beer, then head to the Veil Brewing Company in Scotts Addition. Before you go there, be sure to have a reservation at Jefferson Hotel or The Quirk. These two are the best places to stay.


Lancaster, Pennsylvania

This town is only three hours away from New York, but it remains hidden for most people. This Victorian-styled city is one that deserves your attention. It is located in the center of Amish country, and as such it offers highly diversified food. But, the main thing with Lancaster is its architecture. The best way to fully feel this place is if you cross it by foot; every street, every alley. The bars you should visit for a drink are Thistle Finch Distillery and The Fridge. For food, you should go to Italian restaurant Luca who has national acclaim for the quality of food it provides. For a necessary dose of culture, you need to see Fulton Theatre, and Prince Street, Lancaster’s gallery.



Baltimore is one of the countries most important ports, and it’s called Charm City, but despite this, it gets overlooked. It won’t be so for long. Sagamore Pendry Baltimore hotel is finished, and Under Armor is building a campus there. The owner and CEO of UA is Maryland native Kevin Plank who is also the owner of this hotel which has a restaurant lead by Michelin-starred chef Andrew Carmellini. Its cultural rise is also notable with the emergence of Amy Sherald whose portrait of Michelle Obama is now presented at National Portrait Gallery. Baltimore Museum of Art is also a location you need to see when you visit. Artist Spencer Finch currently has exhibit there.


San Antonio

If you need a reason to go to San Antonio then its food. It’s very close to Mexico, and this is the main reason that its food has a long tradition. The city celebrates its 300th anniversary this year, and if you are tired of Austin, then SA is the place where you should go. The town has mixed cultural influence so you will find a ton of Latin American art down there. The best art locations include Blue Star Contemporary and Ruiz-Healy Art in Olmos Park. For the food, and genuine Texas barbecue you need to go to El Milagrito. For a San Antonian Mardi Gras counterpart you need to visit in spring and attend Fiesta. One of the most memorable cultural events you will ever see. San Antonio is so cool city!