The Curse of Oak Island Season 4 latest spoiler – Lagina Brothers have set a new target!

The ones of you who are regular on the History Channel probably know about the show called The Curse of Oak Island, and if you know that then you must know that it is in its fourth season right now. The show is about searching and finding the elusive treasures that are hidden somewhere on the island for over 200 years. The show is already well under way and Rick and Marty Lagina from Michigan are giving all they’ve got in this season to achieve their goal. Since it is apparent that they are closing in on their target this might be the show’s finale, for what we know.

The last episode of The Curse of Oak Island that aired, revealed that Lagina brothers found a few new things in the swamp, and what is even more interesting those findings resemble a shipwreck, which has compelled the investigating team to look for connections with the treasure. The latest update showed us that the team changed their focuses and that they set a new target which is 170 ft in the Money Pit, but their search for the Chappel Vault there ended in failure. That is why they decided to go deeper and explore more depths. To achieve this, some heavy machinery had to be brought to the site, meaning a new 450 tons massive digging machine will excavate the man made hole.

This is all great and all, but lately, fans have been a little disappointed because no major discoveries have been made until now in this season. Perhaps this is just an announcement of what is to come, or it might be something totally different. We will have to wait for the The Curse of Oak Island Season 4’s The Mystery of Samuel Ball that is going to air on Tuesday, January 3, 2017, at 9 p.m. Until then all the fans of the show can check out the Bonus: The Brothers’ Bond which show just how strong is the bond between brothers – stronger than any Oak Island curse. You can watch it here!