Focusbooth: Let’s Capture your Happiness

Focusbooth is a Toronto photo booth company that provides unlimited visual prints to customers in just fifteen seconds. One can capture inerasable beautiful memories in this booth which provide satisfactory photo prints one can take home with themselves.

The Photo Booth’s Early Origins

It all started in 1925 when a Siberian immigrant named Anatol Josepho unveiled the world’s first fully automatic photographic machine on Broadway and 51st near Times Square.


The is located in Unit B 3640 Mcnicoll Avenue Scarborough, Canada.

For booking an order one can contact on the email id and the contact number to be provided on the website


Customers can create instant GIFs, use various light modes, customize their pictures, add cute funny and thousands of stickers and get unlimited prints.

Instant digital GIFs created on focusbooths can be used by customers on their social handles.

One can customize as per their looks, choice, comfort and satisfaction.

Custom strip designs are also available, one can choose either two by six class strips, or a four by six postcard strip which includes words, artworks and logos, back strips with colourful prints. Shiny and classic black and white prints are also available.

One can choose among various shiny backdrop collections for their best experience.

We provide hashtag printings. There is a difference between a hostage printer and a classic photo booth which is as follow :

The hashtag printer helps you to monitor and choose trendy hashtags from Instagram and Twitter and they rapidly and instantly print the posts which also include those hashtags used by you as a custom brand.

This allows attendees to tag the promoted event hashtag in their social media posts and the rest receive a free 4×6 printout of their photo.

A classic photo booth is a classical and traditional way to capture memories. It is useful for fewer people and we can say that it is more personal. It has timeless options for all age groups. But the only con is that space might be an issue depending upon your venue.

Various facilities available:

All the Toronto photo booth rental package includes complimentary custom design.

As a result, a blank canvas is provided to you to express your creativity and vision.

Focusbooth allows your guest to leave thirty seconds to sixty seconds of video for your photo booth experience

It is an Avenue or an alternative way for the guests or the customers to have fun in their way, socialize themselves with the company of each other and provide memories which they can bring back to their homes.

This feature is only available in the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton and not available in Vancouver.

One thing that makes our photo booth successful is the clarity and spontaneity in the images captured This is due in large part to the absence of photographers that removes the pressure to pose for the camera, and it provides a very relaxed environment where one can pose and click photos according to their comfort and the relaxed environment helps the customers to just be themselves.

Customer companies

Many reputed and well-known companies have experienced the service provided by Focusbooth these are :

  1. Google
  2. Netflix
  3. Amazon
  4. Chanel
  5. Microsoft

and many more.

Facility for weddings:

After getting so many requests, we commenced providing photo booths for wedding occasions as wedding occasions are considered the most memorable moments in life.

We strive to make the process of adding a wedding photo booth to the celebration simple, hassle-free and of course filled with fun which brings friends, families and even strangers together to form new memories and bonds through creative photo booth poses.

A funny and awesome prop box is available to go with photos.

The best thing about the focusbooth is that it comes with the option to share photos, videos, boomerang and GIFs straight to the mobile device instantly allowing a rapid increase of brand and event awareness.

Photo booths are an easy way for guests to gather around, talk, interact, and laugh together! Our photo booth tends to be the talk of the wedding. Guests wander over to see what it’s all about. Friends call other friends for a group photo; kids and parents pose together for a picture.

A focus photo booth allows you to design and create new GIFs, experience a new design and layout.

Because of the best quality, more customer satisfaction and vivid options, the Focus Toronto booth has been compared to the famous Salsa booth, the ultimate iPad based digital photo booth which is a great success for the focusbooth.

How to get our services –

  1. You have to click on our website link.
  2. Once you reach the home page you need to enter the event date, email id, phone number, event location, tentative starting time and ending time.
  3. Our team will contact you regarding the details and the order will e approved
  4. In the $750 promotional photo booth package, you can get 3hours of unlimited design prints and video recordings with your loved ones.


Social media integration on the focusbooth photo booth allows the guest customers to convert themselves into paying customers.

And the direct linking of mobile device property increases the brand value as well as customers.

Brand awareness :

Photo booths increase the fun of any type of function whether marriage, birthday party, grand opening or a simple employee appreciation party or an employee get together event.

Focusbooth creates a layout that features the logo perfectly, satisfies the customer, alongside the best experience which allows one to form a strong working relationship together.

Take advantage of our social media integration feature from our Lumabooth, and also the customized strips server with the custom backdrops.

Conclusion :

This photo booth allows you to customize the photos with branded strips, incorporated with custom design/logo which makes the focus photo booth a great next-generation photo booth. Get the experience now and enjoy the best shots of your life.