ImmortalHD’s Net Worth 2018/2019


YouTuber Aleks is an owner of ImmortalHD channel, where he posts videos about MLG games. Videos are liked and praised by a huge number of MLG gamers, even though Aleksa sarcastically imitates them and also guides. Let us tell you more about Aleks’ career and his channel’s net worth in 2018.

Life before Becoming YouTuber


Alexander „Shasha“ Vitalyevich was born on 1st September, 1992, in Russia, where he lived for the first eight years of his life. After that, his family moved to the United States and he is currently living in New York. He went to college taking graphic designing, but after realising it wasn’t his thing, he dropped out. On Creature Talk, he revealed that he was adopted.

Love Life

Before 2013, Aleksa was in a relationship with Tiffany Kudrikow, his fellow Youtuber. After they broke up, Aleks dated Dominica Baczek, which was in 2014. Year after, this relationship got broken up too. In 2017, SJ was Aleks’ new girlfriend. But same year, Aleks announced another break up and said he was going to move to California.


Career as a YouTuber

Aleks was assisting Minecraft Machinimas, a channel that posted videos on MLG, and that was right before he started his ImmortalHD channel. His first video was posted on 10th December, 2008. Later on, he produced many videos which were based on games such as Counter-Strike and Overwatch.

The Creatures was another popular YouTube channel he was a part of. When he was first introduced to the audience as a creature holding a water bottle, other channel owners made fun of him. This channel is where ImmortalHD was announced as a creature. Aleks worked with them for about three years, and after that, he left the channel in 2016.
At the beginning, Aleks was using an Optimus Prime mask over his face in videos posted on his channel, but later decided to remove it and show his real face. In May 2015, ImmortalHD had 1 million subscribers, which was an amazing achievement. CowChop channel, owned by James, was one of channels with whom ImmortalHD has done videos.


Aleks’ income comes mostly from the videos he posts on his YouTube channel, ImmortalHD. It has over 1 million subscribers and is regarded as the second creature after Nova with more subscribes. Aleks’ net worth is estimated up to $800 thousand.

Aleks is just in his 20’s and it is believed that his net worth will get higher in the years to come.