Tips to Keep a Clean and Healthy Environment for Children

A clean house is beautiful, comfortable, and most importantly, good for the health of its inhabitants. How much time and effort a good housewife spends on cleaning! Vacuum, washes, wipes, and clean. But it’s worth it if the result is really good, and all the efforts are well spent. How pleasant it is to live in such a house! In fact, the issue of cleanliness is central to the overall ecology of our homes, since people’s health directly depends on this. Today we’ll talk about how to clean your floors. This topic is more important for all of us, but it is especially important for families with small children. After all, it is on the floor that they play and spend a lot of time. For this reason, caring mothers have to pay special attention to the cleanliness of the floor. So, let’s set ourselves the task: how to achieve a clean and hygienic floor? Clean, no compromise.


Keeping the environments where our little ones crawl, play, and eat clean is essential if we want them to grow up healthy and strong. The house is undoubtedly the place that immediately springs to mind when it comes to cleaning, with one’s home becoming the nerve center of attention to hygiene, so much so that we are often dissatisfied with the cleanliness of our homes and perpetually search for the perfect cleaner like Dreame F9 that makes every corner of all the rooms shine and hygienic. However, we often tend not to consider the importance of other places where we spend most of our day and that we share with other people who are part of our daily life.

Living in a clean and healthy environment is one of the most important needs of everyday life. In the places where you spend your days, need to be constantly neat and tidy both for a matter strictly linked to hygiene and cleanliness of environments, and everyday objects, both as regards the psychological aspect linked to the lower level of stress perceived in a place where order and cleanliness reign.

  • Ventilate the rooms: While summer isn’t a problem, many people don’t open their windows in winter to save heat, which is not healthy. However cold it is, the air must recycle to break down the bacteria that can form in an overheated environment.  Temperatures inside the house should never be above 22 °.  Hence, for fresh air, there is a need to ventilate the rooms every day.
  • Room cleaning: While it should emphasize that an aseptic environment is not healthy even for a newborn, an environment rich in dust and mold is either not beneficial to your child. We know that the balance lies in the middle. We want to rest assured that our children do not breathe mites or put objects full of germs in their mouths, especially when their immune systems have yet to form. So what can be a better daily cleaning routine?

Before immersing ourselves in the world of cleaning, a piece of advice is appropriate: replace, if you have the possibility, chemical and aggressive detergents with organic or natural ones. Prefer natural products such as organic apple cider vinegar (which has disinfectant properties) or a few drops of tea tree. These are necessary as it is true that those degreasing products wash superbly, but can also damage your baby’s delicate bronchi. Hence, being green is beneficial for maintaining good health.

  • Glasses and windows: The only barrier against dirt coming from the outside, glass and windows get dirty very easily, even if only due to the condensation of external or internal humidity; moreover, they represent not only the “door” of light and fresh air, but they are the healthy face of a working environment. For all these reasons, their cleaning must be impeccable.
  • Bathrooms: Equally impeccable, with particular attention to deep disinfection, is the cleaning of common and specific areas such as the bathrooms. The hygiene of the bathroom at home is perhaps the one that could be less obvious, but without a shadow of a doubt, toilets and toilets are the environments to which those in charge of cleaning must pay the utmost attention.

The dust that inevitably accumulates on the surfaces can carry allergens and pollutants, which can cause allergies and asthma and weaken the respiratory tract.

Among the allergens, for example, the fungal spores of Alternaria enter the house carried by the soles of shoes, which can cause asthma, with even vital crises. At the same time, the device provides high suction power, which ensures high-quality cleaning of floors, carpets and other coverings. Canciani recalls that “from the outside, ultra-fine powders, which are the worst pollutants, can enter the house, even with the windows closed, because they reach the bronchi and the cardiovascular system”.

Other pollutants that dwell in our homes, on the other hand, are produced by us: for example, by cooking with gas, if we smoke inside, and when we use some cleaning products, says the doctor.

But beware of “clean too clean “, otherwise the immune system of children is not strengthened: in other words, exposure to microbes serves to regulate the immune system. “Too clean hurts, because it seems that the more we come into contact with dirt, the more our body is equipped to deal with viruses and bacteria, and it seems to forget about allergies. Hence, the F9 vacuum provides us cleaning of floors and carpets with a safe and hygienic environment for our children.

Safety: An attentive mother is possibly a mother who pays attention to the environment in which her baby grows, but she is also a mother who is careful that the house is not a source of danger for her baby. So he will avoid putting chemicals that are harmful to health on the lower shelves, within reach of his baby, or close the kitchen and bathroom doors in some way.

Particular attention also to everything that could lead if ingested, to the suffocation of your little one. The rule is that anything that can pass through the toilet paper cylinder must disappear.

Our children are worth all the effort it takes to protect them!