10 Pieces of Gear Your Kids Need For Going Back to School


School is back in session, and kids are once again able to attend classes in person. After taking a year off from a classroom setting, you might need to restock on those school supplies.

There are a lot of materials your children might need to set themselves up for success this school year. We’ve provided 10 of the most important pieces of equipment that your kids will need now that fall is settling in:

1. Kids Phone


Sending your kids off to school without being able to supervise their well-being can be nerve-wracking. However, trusting your young children with their own smartphone can be equally worrisome for different reasons. The perfect compromise is a kids phone that is both functional and safe.

Gabb Wireless offers this type of phone that has the communication capabilities that parents desire to check in on their kids and make sure they’re OK. It also forgoes an internet connection or app store. Your kids won’t be distracted by their device during class time or develop an unhealthy attachment to it. Instead, a kids phone will become a reliable tool for them to use.

2. Laptop Bag


Whether your kids’ school provides a laptop or expects them to bring their own, a laptop bag is necessary. With pockets for holding a stylus, notebook paper, or a few pencils, it can become an essential everyday tool.

Even if your children are careful when using electronics, backpacks can get thrown around and knocked overA simple cloth case can protect your laptop from scratches, spills, and the occasional drop. But really, a laptop bag will offer that extra layer of protection for this high end electronic.

3. Calculator


Every child will be required to take a set amount of math classes throughout their scholastic career. Depending on the math class, there will be a lot of formulas and equations to learn. A physical calculator will work a lot better than a smartphone, especially when phones aren’t allowed in the classroom.

As your kids grow up, they’ll need larger, more advanced calculators. Regardless of their grade level, having a physical calculator will be a necessity.

4. Planner


The sooner kids can learn to manage their own time, the better their school experience will be. Teaching time management skills will also set them up for success in their future careers and their personal lives.

Equip your kids with a basic planner to track their assignment due dates and after-school activities. You’ll certainly be helping them along the way to make sure nothing gets overlooked but encourage them to keep good records on their own.

5. Notebook and Pens


Students who take diligent notes tend to outperform their peers. It’s easier to retain information and understand difficult concepts when you take notes throughout lessons. Even better, a full notebook makes studying for tests and exams much easier.

Sometimes each teacher will require a notebook for their class. You’ll need a stack of notebooks in this case, or a binder with plenty of dividers for every course. A cute pencil bag will hold all of the writing materials your kids could possibly need for every period.

6. Lunchbox


Lunchtime is one of the most important school periods of all, and it is, by far, the most enjoyable. If you are able, you should back your children’s lunches as opposed to relying on school lunches. Brown paper bags are delicate and wasteful, so a reusable lunchbox is the superior alternative.

A reusable lunchbox can fit snugly into a backpack and is more durable than a paper bag. Leaks will be contained, and food won’t be in danger of getting squished throughout the day. Best of all, a quick rinse will leave the lunchbox good as new and ready to carry the next meal.

7. Water Bottle


With all the learning and playing going on, it’s important that your kids stay hydrated throughout the day. Schools have plenty of drinking fountains, but it’s easy to forget to take a sip while walking down the hallway. Especially while talking with friends and rushing to your next class.

Hydro flasks are popular because they are refillable, a good size, and can be decorated with dozens of stickers. Your kids can turn a bland-looking, solid-colored water bottle into a masterpiece with stickers that display their personality and interests. This will also help them easily identify their bottle if it ever gets lost or misplaced.

8. Masks


Many schools are recommending or even requiring masks as the delta variant of Covid-19 surges across the US. While there are many differing opinions on this topic, we can all agree that education is still important. If you are sending your kids to a school with a mask mandate, you might as well do so with style.

There are countless options for reusable masks in all different colors and designs. You can equip each child with a mask depicting their favorite cartoon, color, or sports team. They’ll enjoy bringing their mask to school and be able to show off their collection to their friends.

9. New Clothes


When you look good, you feel good! Besides, kids grow quickly and might need some new clothes simply because they outgrew their wardrobe. You might as well take advantage of some back-to-school sales to fill up the closet.

Be sure to take school dress codes into account when shopping. Shorts and skirts should be the proper length, and sleeves are typically required. The weather is starting to cool down anyway, so look for cozy sweatshirts and winter coats before the demand hits.

10. Shoes


While school is a time of education and learning, running and playing can occur as well. Shoes will wear out, which can cause pain and injuries if they’re not replaced. A new pair of kicks will keep blisters at bay and keep those ankles from turning while at recess.

When picking out some new shoes, try to keep durability and functionality in mind. The most stylish shoes aren’t always the most ergonomic. Your kids also might hate getting them dirty over the course of a long school day.

Feel free to add additional back-to-school items to your own list. Just be sure to focus on the materials that will enable education and help your children feel confident and successful all year long.