How To Make Your Online Date More Fun?

The past year has reduced all direct human contacts and meetups. The only thing that has been constant for the past year has been corona and an online substitution of our various daily life activities.

And if you were single amidst all of that, the situation must have felt really icky. Although several online dating apps have emerged over the years, the dates had always been a sacred offline event.

However, the tables turned quite quickly during the pandemic, and all of us were restricted under the four walls of our dwellings. And that’s what gave rise to the concept of virtual dating.

Virtual Dates: A twist to your traditional form of date

A single thought regarding your first date is enough to push all your buttons at once. It can give you a significant rush, drive you insane, and push you to the doors of excitement at the same time.

But if you think that all of this can happen only over a cup of coffee at your favorite place, then you are wrong because there are several other ways to spice up a date, even if it’s happening virtually.

So, regardless of what your relationship status is right now, you can have an excellent first virtual date. Here are a few ideas and tips that would make your virtual date experiences memorable, fun, safe, and exciting simultaneously.

Idea 1: Use up the dating apps’ video call features

The first and foremost important aspect of online dating is finding a suitable medium to interact. This advice is basically for the first-timers.

  • It would be best if you refrain from giving out personal information like phone numbers and emails to a match before knowing them a bit.
  • And that’s when these dating apps’ video conferencing features come into play. Here you can chat with a match without handing out your private information.
  • You can both talk over a cup of coffee, tea, or anything you like, face to face, and get to know each other well.
  • This seems like a safe and exciting option to play around with.
  • You can get to know people well before exchanging numbers and emails.
  • Moreover, this setup feels like an electronic version of old-school romance movies where protagonists focus only on deep conversations without giving out any information about themselves.

Therefore, you can interact without an ounce of care because you have confidence that if it doesn’t work out, the other person has no personal information regarding you.

Idea 2: Virtual hangouts

If you have been dating for quite a while and somehow not quite comfortable or unable to physically visit each other, there’s one thing you could do: virtual hangout.

  • Well, the best way to know a person is by speculating his lifestyle and way of living.
  • So if you have been dating for quite some time, you can both have virtual house tours. And judge how careless your partner is, and pass snarky remarks on how they cannot keep their socks in drawers or take out their trash.
  • Plus, you can get to know interests specifically, as fitness enthusiasts tend to have gym equipment and music enthusiasts tend to have musical instruments.
  • All in all, this virtual house tour using websites like can give your relationship a touch of reality.

Idea 3: The distant movie marathons

A movie date never goes out of style. So if you can think of nothing else, go for a movie night.

  • A movie night not only extends you the opportunity to spend time with each other but also provides you with a topic of discussion.
  • You can discuss the plots, give you inferences, and if it’s something from the thriller genre, you can both even come up with your interpretations.
  • Moreover, how a person reacts to a certain film or a particular scene tells a lot about their thought process.
  • So if you really want to know what goes into your partner’s mind, choose a movie with open endings.
  • Apart from this, a movie night seems like a fun weekend plan and the perfect platform to bond.

Idea 4: The not-so-real cooking date

Cooking together seems like a significant milestone in dating. That is the point where you precisely get to know each other’s preferences and tastes.

  • The best way to carry out this virtual date idea would be to cook the same thing by following a common recipe.
  • Or you both can simply cook what you tend to label as your specialty. It can be any dish.
  • All you need to do is carry out this entire cooking procedure over a video call with your partner.
  • You can both discuss cuisines, ingredients, spices, and how differently you use them.
  • Whatever you do, one thing is sure that you are going to find out something really different about your partner during this activity.
  • And there are chances that your partner turns out to be neat and a tidy cook or maybe messier than you imagined them to be. Either way, it would be good to know beforehand what you are getting into, a clean freak or a person whose habits are messier than your own life.

Idea 5: Weave your web of music together

In simple terms, this means just share a Playlist on Spotify or any app that you both use.

  • You can consider this as the digitized version of making mixtapes.
  • It is said that sharing music helps people come closer. Sharing playlists would help you figure out their music preferences, their favorite artists, and genre.
  • This will, in turn, help you get to know them better and also expand your music horizon.


Virtual dates may not possibly suit many people, but they are the best and safest option to date during this era. Alternatively, virtual dates could feel real if you want them to; all you need to do is put in a little effort and follow the tips mentioned above. These tips will certainly help you have a great time and explore your dating life quite well.