Why Nano Influencers Are the Key to Your Next Marketing Campaign


Your brand can’t afford to sleep on influencer marketing because your competition certainly isn’t. In 2024, 86% of marketers plan to invest the same amount or increase their budget for influencer marketing.

All the buzz translates into some significant growth, with one report predicting the industry will grow to a whopping $16.4 billion by the end of the year.

As one of the fastest-growing marketing techniques out there today, influencer marketing is a game-changing tool for brands to make their presence known on social media. It’s also one of the most accessible options for smaller brands working with limited marketing dollars.

The trick is to work with nano influencers. These content creators have fewer followers than you might expect, but they foster strong relationships that translate into higher engagement for your brand.

Who Are Nano Influencers?


Nano influencers are content creators with fewer than 10K people following them on any given account. While Instagram is by far the most popular platform for influencer marketing, you can find these creators on TikTok, Twitter, and even Facebook.

One to ten thousand followers is the optimal range for any brand, according to the marketing pros at Peersway. Whether you’re an emerging company or a household brand, nano influencers connect with their followers in a way that exceeds more expensive content creators who boast bigger followings.

Every campaign managed by the pros at Peersway involves nano content creators, proving there’s no need to waste valuable budgeting dollars on accounts with 500,000+ followers.

Beyond their follower counts, there’s not much else that a nano must have to fit the category. You can partner with content creators that span thousands of niches, from fashion lovers to foodies, gamers, techies, travellers, parents, makeup artists, fitness gurus, and much more.

Nano Influencer Marketing in a Nutshell

Nano influencer marketing has all the hallmarks of good, old-fashioned word-of-mouth campaigns and throws it into the virtual space. There, content creators with modest follower counts make recommendations to their followers just like a friend, family member, or co-worker would in real life.

Unlike the average person in your life, they’ve curated a sleek brand to back all their recommendations. These creators have the social cachet of being an influencer without being unapproachable, which adds major credibility to any endorsements they make.

Why Should You Work with a Nano Content Creator?

Nano influencer marketing techniques find a perfect medium between price point, engagement rates, and credibility. Let’s look at these features up close to understand why this trend is growing traction in the industry.

1. They’re More Authentic

Authenticity is a major mover in social media. While most people scroll past traditional marketing posts on Instagram — 96% of consumers don’t trust ads — they’re willing to listen to what nano content creators have to say. That’s because they’re ordinary people who produce authentic content.

They’re not just some celebrity hawking the latest brand willing to pay them a million dollars. Nanos may not even make a living as an influencer alone. As someone with a possible day job paying the bills, nano content creators are seen as more genuine and relatable sources of information about brands, products, and services.

2. They Nurture Stronger Connections with Followers


Relatability plays a large role in the kinds of relationships nanos foster with their followers. In many ways, they’re a digital friend who shows up on their followers’ screens every now and then, so consumers are more willing to reach out to like, subscribe, or leave a comment.

And since these content creators might only have a few thousand followers, it’s easier to respond to those who engage. This creates a perfect feedback loop, as their followers are more likely to keep engaging when they know their comments, DMs, and suggestions will be heard.

The same can’t be said for the biggest accounts, as a lot of fan engagement gets buried in spam and other fans trying to engage. The biggest accounts can’t speak to everyone, even with the best of intentions.

3. They Bag Higher Engagement Rates

Between their authenticity and strong connections, nanos are able to attain higher engagement rates than other content creators. While 2–3% may be the industry norm, an experienced influencer marketing agency can promise much higher deliverables. Some can even land double-digit rates with the right nano influencer and campaign manager.

4. They’re Eager to Prove Their Muster

In the world of influencers, nanos still have a lot to prove, so they wind up working hard for every endorsement they publish. The result? You can guarantee a tailored, thoughtful post that shows your brand in the best light.

Compare this to the biggest celebrities who, time after time, wind up copying and pasting marketing instructions on the post they made in about two minutes.

5. They Create Niche Content

Another great thing about working with smaller accounts is that you can really hone in on the niche audience you want to target. Nano influencers tend to focus on one or two areas of expertise that attracts a unique group of followers.

More still, their niche tends to be passion projects that aren’t overly commercialized. As mentioned before, some nanos do endorsement deals on the side, so there’s a good chance they’re picking the best options for their online brand.

6. They Are More Cost Effective

It would be easy to think you’ll have to promise a large chunk of your budget to cash in on all the benefits above. In reality, nano influencer marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to get your brand on social media.

One macro influencer (someone with 500,000+ followers) is 15 times the price of a single nano content creator!

The best influencer marketing agencies offer scalable services, so you can choose to work with just one nano or go on a social media blast and work with hundreds of creators.

Whatever you choose, the upfront costs of a single nano mean you could secure an even greater return on investment than usual.

Bottom Line:


Influencer marketing is no fad ready to fizzle out; it’s a certified trend that promises to grow in the near future. As your competition hits social media with influencer campaigns, you need to level the playing field.

For truly impressive returns on investment, engagement rates, and quality posts, choose to work with a nano influencer marketing agency. These companies will help you find the perfect content creators for your brand.