8 Tips for Choosing a Reliable Dedicated Hosting Provider


If you are in a situation where your previous hosting provider was no good, or you are just starting your business and you need a website for that purpose, you are looking for a reliable dedicated hosting provider. You will need that so your site can work properly, and especially if it is meant for online shopping, it has to be perfect so people feel safe while doing that.

With many companies that offer this kind of service, it might be difficult for you to choose the perfect one for your firm. This decision is separating your firm from prosperity and earning resources to completely ruining your name and place on the market. You will have to look through many options before you decide on one, but before that, you will have to know what kind of hosting do you actually need. You can visit Verpex to see what kind of services they offer and it might help you figure out what type of hosting you need.

Because we know how hard it is to make the best decision when it comes to choices that are vital for your firm, we made this article to show you some tips and things that you should be looking for in a company that offers you this service.

Speed and capacity


When looking for a dedicated host, you should be paying attention to these things because they are the ones that determine the quality of the service. The speed is important for the experience of your customers because that helps the changes that they make when using your site. A proper example of that is when you are using a site, you can go through any section of the menu without waiting long to load it. Having problems loading pages will make the customers frustrated and they even might avoid using your site because of that.

The capacity is important because that shows how much data can your site use. This should be a flexible thing because if you need less now, you can’t be stuck with it because you will need more in the future. On the other side, there is no point in paying more now when you don’t need it. You should discuss this with your provider and see their flexibility on it.

It has to be up most of the time

Your site has to be running all the time because clients might want to use it any time in the day. Also, if you plan on selling items using your site, there may be buyers who live in a different zone so if your site is down, they might not be able to use it. If it falls very often, people will think that it is not safe to use it and you will not earn as much as you could’ve because of that. That is why you should always look for options that guarantee that it will be running almost all the time. They offer services where they state that they will be up and running 99% of the time, having that one percent just in case.

Opportunity for upgrades


Any hosting provider has packages that you can choose from when securing the deal. With time, you will attract more customers and you will need a better package to be able to work properly. That is why you should be able to upgrade when that time comes. On the other hand, if you happen to have fewer clients, you should be able to downgrade to avoid spending too much without a purpose.


This is a factor that has to be considered whenever you have to get something. However, you should not be fooled by it or have the price dictate your decision. When it comes to services that have a huge impact on your firm, you should never cheap out . Even if you pay more it will surely be worth it, but if you get a dedicated host that is really cheap it might not work as well as it should and you might lose your customers and your name.

However, since there are many companies that offer this, you should compare everything because they may offer the same characteristics but have a price difference so then you can get the more affordable one. Or, in other situations, there may be an option that is slightly pricier but has way better characteristics.


When we say service, we think of fixing a problem if it occurs. Since it is something virtual, you might not be able to fix it alone because there is specific knowledge required for that. You should find a company that guarantees you that they will solve everything fast so you keep your site running and have satisfied customers as suggested by thcservers.com.

Backup ability

This is really important when it comes to maintaining your site functioning well. There might be situations where your data might be at risk, whether having your drives damaged, or someone gets into your serves and threatens to do harm if you don’t compensate in reverse. That is why you should be looking for a host that will have the option to backup everything so when a situation like this comes, you are safe.

Domain versatility

When you start, you will only need one site to do your job. Later on, you will attract more customers and you might need more sites for this purpose, whether for different products or just to promote your main one better. Before you decide on a dedicated host, ask if they offer an option where you can have more sites on one hosting server. Other than that, you might want to change names on your sites. That should be done using applications but you will need permission from your host especially if you have more sites.

Talk about things that you should not do


Some dedicated hosting companies have policies that have to be respected, but you may not know that if you do something, they might make you pay more for that. Before committing to a deal, ask them if there are some things that you should not do. For example, some companies have a limited number of computers that can access the site. If that is exceeded, they can make you pay more than what you have agreed on, or they can take down your site. That is why it is important to talk about details like these that might cause problems, so you can avoid them.